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  1. gt13

    We are in Clemson's heads Quotes: "You've just got to prepare for the worst." "You don’t want to chase things that you don’t know of and you just want to stick to what you know." “You don’t know what they’re going to...
  2. gt13

    2019 Official Schedule

    The official schedule finally released today on Here's the printable version: Looks like we'll be tested early and often. Home series vs #3 UCLA in week 2, then our first 3 ACC series are @ #33...
  3. gt13

    Blue. Pants.

    Gold Helmet + Away Jersey + BLUE PANTS for Homecoming vs Duke. Never thought I'd see the day.
  4. gt13

    Policy Change - Water bottles are now allowed

    Per “Water Bottles – Any reasonably sized water bottles (up to a half gallon) that are clear, plastic and empty are permitted inside Bobby Dodd Stadium and can be filled at any of the new water-bottle filling stations located throughout the stadium. Commercial water bottles...
  5. gt13

    Paul Johnson

    I know we're still within the post-game heartbreaking anguish grace period, but this is all I could think about after the game. Paul called a good game. He was making Uga's suspect defense look foolish. But again, down the stretch, we lost it. This has become a recurring theme in recent years...
  6. gt13

    GT @ UGA

    I see this game as a good opportunity for Tech fans to alleviate some of the pain from tonight's loss at Clemson. That could be a very ill-advised statement to make, seeing as how this series usually is. Either way, I think we should win by 10+
  7. gt13

    First look at GT Hoops 2013-2014 Tonight

    Who all is going tonight? Kind of a weird change of gears from getting excited for football tomorrow but I really think our team this year could be great. I think we'll have one of the best set of bigs in the ACC in Miller, Carter and Kammeon. Solomon, Golden, and Jorgenson should give us a good...
  8. gt13

    We're #1

    How much weight do you put into these rankings?
  9. gt13

    Campus Signs

    It's a bye week, so this kind of story is ok. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this Bobinski's doing. He mentioned something like this when he was hired. I'm looking forward to seeing what they put up.
  10. gt13

    Jersey Replicas Surface

    The Georgia Tech Athletics Facebook page just posted a picture of their shipment of GT replica jerseys that just got in for this season with a big 2 on them. Anyone else see these? Are these our new uniforms? I think its different from last year's design. However, the numbers still have a gold...