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  1. Path to the NCAA Tournament.

    So with the recent surge in good play by the team, I decided to look into what exactly would it take to make the NCAAT We are currently sitting at 8-8 (3-3) with 15 games left, 14 of them conference games. We will also get, assuming post season play, at least 1 game in the ACCT. Looking...
  2. A trend.

    One thing that I noticed while looking over our record is that we played 5 ACC teams twice, and in each case we won the first game and lost the second. I'm not sure what that means in the long run, but it is odd.
  3. Marcus Marshall and other young guys

    Lost in the, well, losses, is the improvement of our young skill position players. The outside blocking that was so bad earlier has steadily improved, and Marshall is showing that he is a guy that you can build your offense around. There is still plenty of issues to address to get to where we...
  4. Rants and moderation discussion

    I don't care if it does any good. I don't care if it changes anything. And I don't care if it upsets family members or whoever. I tried the whole not paying attention last year. Didn't do me any good. So now you get to deal with my angry posts until gregory is canned. If that bothers you...