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  1. tech_wreck47

    College pick em

    Are we doing this again? Not sure who put it together last year.
  2. tech_wreck47

    Anyone know

    @bravejason ? He was a pretty regular on here but I see he hasn’t been on here since around February. Maybe he’s changed his user name? I played golf with him last year for the golf outing of GT fans, super nice guy.
  3. tech_wreck47

    GTSwarm golf outing

    Wondering if anyone else would be down for this again? For those who are new to the site, some of us got together last year for Waffle House, and golf. Of course we have the virus going around, but when everything calms down who would want to go out for some Waffle House and golf? Also, what...
  4. tech_wreck47

    Early playing time

    What true freshman do y’all think will get early playing time this season. Strictly based On needs by position, plus some guys that are just studs, this is my prediction. offense: QB: Gleason OL: Vaipulu, Williams RB: Gibbs WR: McCollum TE: Ward Honorable mention: Rankins, Boyd Gowdy...
  5. tech_wreck47

    Golf trip

    I’m going on a golf trip for my birthday in March and was wondering if anyone has played any of the courses below. Any info you have about them or which ones you would play? I’ll be playing a total of 5 rounds. 1.Reunion Country Club 2.Chateau Elan woodlands course 3.Sugar Hills Golf Club...
  6. tech_wreck47

    Help Franks get 6A POY

  7. tech_wreck47

    CDP play calling

    Can someone please give me tangible reasons as to why he did not do a good job? And I don’t mean stuff like, well, he could have done this or that. Or because the offense wasn’t good. Please brake down what was bad, give examples from film etc. I keep seeing people complain but not give actual...
  8. tech_wreck47

    Interesting thought for tomorrows game.

    Could the GT of late in the season hang with South Carolina? South Carolina beat UGA and they aren’t a very good team, so it got me thinking about that question. By no means am I saying GT will win tomorrow, I just thought it was an interesting question.
  9. tech_wreck47

    3 keys to beating Pitt

    1. Pass rush: Pitts pass play percentage is 11th in the nation. Hopefully we’ve been working on our LB blitz, I’d rather have somewhat of a delayed blitz than to telegraph them. Wouldn’t mind seeing some corner or safety blitz as well. If we can get to the QB that should help our secondary...
  10. tech_wreck47

    Path to the ACCCG

    Just for fun, wanted to see what needed to be done. Here’s what I’d say is the most likely if it were to happen. GT: Win out Miami: beat Duke and Pitt Pitt: lose to GT and Miami, or BC UVA: lose to GT and either Louisville, or VT Duke: lose WF, and Miami VT: lose to GT and WF UNC: lose to Duke...
  11. tech_wreck47

    UGA (funny video)

  12. tech_wreck47

    Atlanta braves offseason.

    What would you like to see them do? This is what I’d like to see opening day. Acuna RF Albies 2B Freeman 1B Donaldson 3B Ozuna LF Inciarte CF Swanson SS Yasmani Grandal C Riley, Culberson, Duvall, a back up C and another utility guy. Bench Soroka, Fried, Folty, Wheeler, Bumgarner SP Greene...
  13. tech_wreck47

    Reasons to be optimistic!

    With all the downers around I figured I’d give reasons to be optimistic. Defensive stats (minus Clemson since that’s not the competition we will see the rest of the year) PPG allowed: 20.33 (including 10 points off of turnovers in our own red zone) YPG allowed: 305.33 (including overtime...
  14. tech_wreck47

    UNC tickets

    does anyone have tickets for sale by any chance?
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    The last score of a Clemson game before last night. They played Bama in this game in case anyone was wondering. That is all, mods you can move this if needed.
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    College pick em

    I logged in but can’t find the group from GTSwarm. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  17. tech_wreck47

    Advertising sponsorship/ golfers needed

    I am helping host a golf tournament to raise money for Sheaves For Christ which is for missions. Helps with funding missionaries with proper vehicles to reach remote locations in the world, also helps with buying or fixing up missions churches. Tupelo Childers Mansion, Lighthouse Ranch For Boys...
  18. tech_wreck47

    GTSWARM members get together

    Interested in if anyone would like to get together for a round of golf somewhere in the metro ATL area? Would be nice to meet some fellow GT fans, and would be cool if we could have multiple groups of 4.
  19. tech_wreck47

    Marcus Marshall