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    Dedrick Mills Reflects

    Mills is a football player, I think we will see him play in NFL. I remember coaches and players being in awe of him when he first hit practice at Tech.
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    #DUKEvsGT Postgame Discussion

    Nice, I like when we beat Duke.
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    Game 8 Uniforms #DUKEvsGT

    These may be best yet, love the blue Jersey as it makes the Gold look the best, Gold looks better on blue.
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    All Time Tech Lineup

    QB Joe Hamilton RB Robert Lavette RB Eddie Lee Ivery WR Calvin Johnson WR Drew Hill WR Jimmy Robinson OL Lutz Kent Hill Shaq Mason. John Davis Defense Tackle Gotsis End D Morgan End Pat Swilling End Coleman Rudolf LB Lucius Sanford LB M Harris LB P Wheeler LB D Smith CB Willie Clay CB...
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    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

    uni look good, so far I’ve liked all the uniforms this year
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    Game 5 Clemson Predictions

    GT 31 Clemson 30
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    Louisville Post Game

    Nice game, big win for the players hard work, they deserved that win. Sims looks so smooth and looking comfortable in the pocket. RBs all solid, Gibbs is unreal for true fresh but I also like Griffin and Smith a lot. Also Hawkins from Louisville is awesome RB. We saw some awesome RBs tonight. i...
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    Louisville Uniform Reveal

    I really like these uniforms, so far I’ve liked all the color combos this year. The Gold helmets look good with the blue.
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    Jahmyr Gibbs Getting Some Recognition

    J William and Sims should be making the list soon. All playing great for true Frosh.
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    ACC Expansion

    I would like ND and US Naval Academy
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    GT vs UCF Uniform Reveal

    I like these as much as I liked last week’s, awesome!
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    Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    GT 38 UCF 24 feeeling it
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    GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    I like these uniforms.
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    Week 1 #GTvsFSU Predictions

    GT 30 FSU 28 Come back win after being down 21.
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    2020 Georgia Tech Football Pump Up Video

    Awesome, we ready
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    Week 1 Media #GTvsFSU

    Question on something that really matters, not Starting QB, but do we know what uniform combo GT will be wearing against FSU?
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    In Honor of GT vs FSU Next Weekend

    Thanks, fires me up to watch some GT football.
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    OFFICIAL BDS unveil video

    Wow, that looks awesome. Great job!
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Florida - Under Urban Meyer and Spurrier LSU a couple of times Ohio St when back a forth with a couple, then won title when both got hurt with 3rd
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    I think “fall camp” ended Saturday, now they are in season prep but not sure.