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  1. Expectations for GT Football

    If their some connection between O’Leary and Emmanuel Johnson’s entry into the transfer portal? Just trying to keep up.
  2. 2021 Strength of Schedule

    We’re Georgia Tech! We can do that! (LOL! Thanks for the set up!)
  3. Coaching revolving door in motion

    Is Georgia Tech mentioned in any of this?
  4. Jeff Sims Film Review

    The LSU freshman QB looked good against Florida last night...
  5. Miami game cancelled

    But didn’t we have a lot of fun, while we were improving?
  6. Collins report card after 2 seasons

    If that “critical thinking” isn’t accompanied by more wins soon, Coach Collins’ critical thinking will need to shift to evaluation of other employment opportunities...
  7. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    A nightmare is a type of dream...
  8. Collins report card after 2 seasons

    The AD isn’t going to be able to sell warm fuzzies to the backers with bucks if Coach Collins continues to hemorrhage losses. Head Coaches are judged by their W/L records, not all that other “stuff”. So, unless he turns the Titanic in time, well, you know the outcome.
  9. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    Watching a little bit of Louisville and Syracuse. We lost to Syracuse. Syracuse. I gotta nominate Collins for most overrated. If he is rated at all, he is overrated. Sorry...
  10. Game 8 Media Pittsburgh vs. Georgia Tech #PITTvsGT

    Juice, warm fuzzies, lot’s of love to go around, 404, so proud of the effort of the guys... Inspired and pumped up yet?
  11. Pittsburgh (-8) vs. Georgia Tech

    No reason to believe our defense will suddenly materialize this week...
  12. GT - ND postgame thread

    I am curious. How do college football QB coach separate and assess the different qualities of their QB candidates? If you can’t have it all, is it better to have a good game manager at QB (one that sees the field, recognizes defenses, delivers the ball on time (even if it looks like a lame...
  13. How Many Points Will We Give Up In The Black Watch Uniforms

    New poll: In what quarter will you turn off the TV and go do something else?
  14. Black Watch Replica Leak

    ...until kickoff...
  15. Uniform reveal - Notre Dame

    If the defense keeps playing the way it has, the Black Watch uniform will become the Black Death uniform.
  16. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    This season, like last season, is a disaster, Coach Thacker may win the title “Worst DC in FBS”, the honeymoon with Collins is over, all of the “juice” has been squeezed out of this lemon, and more and more longtime fans are finding less painful ways to spend their Saturdays. The only question...
  17. Defense regression

    Apparently, and sadly, all the “juice” Collins has been pitching since he’s been here has just been Kool-Aid
  18. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    I really think our coaches are good people, and maybe even good recruiters, but, as a staff, they are in over their heads. TStan must be getting an earful already.
  19. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Who will come in as DC next season?