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  1. gtrower

    Young Temporarily Removed From Roster Looks like this got overlooked in the bye week doldrums yesterday. Kendal Young has been removed from the roster to focus on academics. Know...
  2. gtrower

    2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament - Atlanta Regional

    Open up play on Friday at 7pm. I might go to the Auburn game at 1 too.
  3. gtrower

    D1B Article on Tech It’s late April and long-time Georgia Tech head coach Danny Hall is as chipper as ever. Sure, he has a few choice words to say about last week’s third coach proposal failing. Every coach, no matter their...
  4. gtrower

    [email protected] on 3/31

    Stanton pitching tonight. SEC Network is picking up the game. Hopefully Wade is healthy as I'd like to continue the streak of pounding on UGA in the baseball series.
  5. gtrower

    Tech @ Duke

    ALERT: The Game today has been moved to 3pm for impending rain. Entire series still streaming on ESPN3. Same rotation with King/Pitts/Gold. Duke comes in 12-3 after dropping the series 1-2 to UNC last weekend.