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  1. Kmag

    GT podcast

    What’s a good podcast for gt sports? Just for fun what’s another podcast you guys listen to?
  2. Kmag

    Can Tech steal the ATL chant?

    Deion brought the chop to the braves. Is there a way that who ever is in charge of the game day atmosphere, can plug this in? I think it would solidify that we are the team for ATL, and would get our fans excited.
  3. Kmag

    Anyone watching the Vandy game?

    They are playing well right now. They may be a tougher game we anticipated? Their Oline and RB look stout.
  4. Kmag

    Biggest concern for 2015

    While we are getting closer to kicking off the season, what is your greatest area of concern for 2015? I am most concerned about receivers. Both our starters last year were drafted and both could go get the ball. Not sure we have someone that can do that this year. A-backs and B-backs seem to...
  5. Kmag

    Next year?

    Looks like it could be special. Who are our key losses, and who do you think steps up? I know we lose Mason, but gain some depth on the d-line. Thoughts?
  6. Kmag

    3 game flex packs

    Does anyone have a promo code for 3 game packs to make it 99 dollars? I heard it advertised on the radio the other day and haven't found it online. Thanks for any help.
  7. Kmag

    Big dance?

    I know it seems impossible with this team, but you never know when things can start to click for a guy or two. Would a .500 record in ACC play get us in? If not what do you think it takes?
  8. Kmag

    GT v. UGA tickets

    Didn't know where to post this. I am in need of two tickets. Can any of you help out? I'd like to pay 100 for the pair. Of course if you would like to give them away that would be great too.
  9. Kmag

    Gant and Hill

    I heard these guys were coming to campus this weekend. Eric do you know if they showed up and if they did how did their visit go? Do you think we have a legit shot at either or both?