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  1. Kmag

    Georgia Tech at Virginia, Jan 23, 8pm, ACC Network

    People are still sleeping on us. I like the match up. Ready for tip off!!!
  2. Kmag

    🤞Clemson at Georgia Tech Jan 20 2021, 7 PM 🤞

    Way to go boys!!! Hell of a performance.
  3. Kmag

    Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame Wednesday 7pm

    You are right this is a game that we tend to lose in the past. Technically, we lost a ton of games so who really knows. I’m just excited to watch our guys play!
  4. Kmag

    9.5 favorite over Wake

    Great win! Took care of business, just like they should have. I wish we could play Ga. state and Mercer again. I really think FSU is just really good, and is a match up nightmare for us. We lose that game 7 times out of 10. Love watching basketball again. Thank you Pastner for building a team...
  5. Kmag

    North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    I wish I could see it on fb, but Hulu has dropped fox sports. This is ridiculous! Anyone know if they plan on bringing it back.
  6. Kmag

    North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    Glad the boys came through!!!
  7. Kmag

    GT @ Florida State

    I think we’ve played pretty well. They have that one guy that just got hot.
  8. Kmag

    GT @ Florida State

    Come on Jackets!
  9. Kmag

    GT vs Nebraska

    I agree with everything here. I am curious if Pastner is sending a message to Devoe. However, it seems weird seeing that Devoe had a pretty good first half. 🤷
  10. Kmag

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    What shoes do the coaches wear?
  11. Kmag

    AJC Article - Pastner Tries Unheard of Plan

    It’s deserved ridicule. All questions we have asked ourselves as well. I still can’t believe we’re 0-2 with this team.
  12. Kmag

    GT vs NC State to Kick at 4pm ET ACCN

    It has ACC network but dropped fox sports.
  13. Kmag

    How many people will return?

    Thanks for helping out
  14. Kmag

    How many people will return?

    Is Ahmarean Brownstill on the team? Didn’t see him tonight?
  15. Kmag

    2020 Ticket Exchange

    Anyone have tickets for tomorrow’s game?
  16. Kmag

    2020 Ticket Exchange

    Are these still available?
  17. Kmag

    GT vs. Georgia St.

    Decor should have been rested at some point. Did anyone come off the bench in OT? Our guys were gassed and you could tell it. Hate the loss, but Great effort guys!
  18. Kmag

    Clemson Post-game Thread

    One, coaches could have helped the offense a little more. Running the ball and short passes after we were getting destroyed would have ran the clock down. Two, Dabo running up that score was ridiculous! I hope we get a chance to return the favor soon.
  19. Kmag

    Louisville Uniform Reveal

    Just win baby!
  20. Kmag

    GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    I think it’s hilarious that we just beat FSU and we are about to go against a top 25 opponent, and here we are complaining again about uniforms. We really are a special bunch. I like them all, especially when we win.