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  1. bwelbo

    New Lady Jackets' 5k School Record (16:06)

    In this story, you'll also read of some other notable performances, like 4 GT men in the top 10 in the mile (fastest was a damned 4:05). 11 schools were there, including 6 from the $EC.
  2. bwelbo

    Moses F. Wright Highlights

    Hell, My name is Moses F'ing Wright. Here are just a couple of my highlights from last night. Hello, I'm over here. Peek-a-boo. Hello, may I borrow that? Hello, I'll be taking that. Preciate it. Hello, I'm going to dunk in your face and then scream in your face. Have a nice day...
  3. bwelbo

    Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame Wednesday 7pm

    Trap game. Notre Dame is 0-3 in the ACC and 0-3 against the BigTen. They’re not as bad as their record says, but they’re also not a good team. This is another game we have to win to make the post season. Gonna have to bring the energy.
  4. bwelbo

    North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    North Carolina (5-3) Georgia Tech (4-3) Against the Spread and Away (UNC)/Home (GT).....Over/Under: North Carolina: 3-4, 0-2.....2-6 Georgia Tech: 2-5, 3-2.....4-2 So looks like a slight home field advantage (as you would expect). North Carolina hasn't beaten a ranked team yet (they lost to...
  5. bwelbo

    All ACC Awards Just read through them. I had to use an incognito window to access. Pressley Harvin all-ACC 1st team. That's the only player on our entire team listed for any awards. Didn't even get one of the all-rookie...
  6. bwelbo

    Florida A&M @ Georgia Tech, Friday 12/18 @ 7pm

    Georgia Tech (2-3 ACC) vs. Florida A&M (1-4 MEAC) KenPom: Georgia Tech: 72 Florida A&M: 304 They are terrible at most metrics (just being honest). They lost to FGCU by 9, lost to Georgia by 10, lost to Oregon by 21, lost to Oklahoma by 31, and then just beat Austin Peay by 6. They average...
  7. bwelbo

    GT @ Florida State

    GT (2-2) @ Florida State #15 (3-0), 8:30pm EST ACCN KenPom: Georgia Tech: #71 Florida State: #12 We are 8.5 point underdogs. MJ Walker (remember him? LOL) is their leading scorer at 17.7, 8th in the ACC. The next highest scoring player is #32 in the ACC. In other words, they spread the...
  8. bwelbo

    Current ACC Statistical Leaders

    Reminder obviously its early (and some of these stats are influenced by a 4OT game LOL)... 1st in the ACC in scoring: Moses Wright at 24.0 ppg. Then its down to 15th/16th Alvarado/Parham ~15ppg. 1st in the ACC in rebounding: Moses Wright at 10.7 rpg. Then its down to ~17th where Devoe is at...
  9. bwelbo

    Kentucky Win Post Game

    We’re averaging 91 points per game LOL Only 6 turnovers. 15 steals. 5 guys in double figures.
  10. bwelbo

    COVID-19 Fall Spread

    South Carolina has been one of the only places in the country not blowing up, but now in the last week it looks like Greenville is filling up the fuel tanks. We’re only at half our peak statewide (1,000 cases/day now versus 2,000 at the peak), but while Charleston County (500,000 people) is at...
  11. bwelbo

    Ryan King Out For Season After Injury

    Well that sucks.
  12. bwelbo

    Georgia Players Doing Georgia Things

    Some things never change, even after you leave the cesspool.
  13. bwelbo

    Count The Cut Blocks

    I figure this will be fun to see if there’s any residual butthurt. I’ll count them up and report back with GIFs Sunday night.
  14. bwelbo

    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

    Uh huh. Supersize approved!
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    Game 5 ATL Chart

  16. bwelbo

    Louisville Post Game

    bwelbo...****ING OUT!
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    New Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coaching Endowments

    Thank you to the Byers AGAIN for their kindness, loyalty, and generosity.
  18. bwelbo

    2020 Volleyball

    Starting tonight, @ Miami. Down 2 sets to 0. Ahead 8-6 in the 3rd set, but that’s a deep hole to dig out of against a good team.