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  1. Team's Biggest Failure

    Sometimes we seem totally unprepared at the start of the game. I believe that is our biggest failure.
  2. Former Players that are Coaches

    Glenn spencer
  3. Clayton had 2 sacks ?

  4. Revelations after 3 weeks

    Make OLEARY voluntary special teams coach of it is legal and he is able.
  5. ProJackets Update

    Is Morgan Burnett with a team this year?
  6. R-FR DL Mike Lockhart Offseason Gain

    Where does the 302lb figure come from?
  7. An old foe passes: RIP UT & Decatur HS RB Walter Chadwick (Link)

    I believe walt actually flipped from Ga tech to Tenn back in the 60's.
  8. We've lost another of Dodd's Boys - WR Mike Fortier ('64,'65,'66)

    Does anyone besides me remember Stan Gann being referred to as Stan "the gun" Gann rather than Stan the man.
  9. Best Georgia Tech Trucking plays??

    My favorite is Joe Burns on first and goal with the nose of the ball just inside the 10 yard line against uga in one of 98-2000 wins. He crammed it straight up the middle into the end zone,carrying Ga's defense with him as best I can remember.
  10. Paul Johnson time frame.

    Since NC is bringing back Brown why dont we bring back Ross. he is only in his early 80s I believe and has not been out of coaching much longer than brown. Im only kidding, I actually have mixed feelings about replacing CPJ.
  11. Who is your Favorite Tech Player

    maxie baughn
  12. Former Tech great, Billy Martin

    That was an exciting era for Tech. I believe Lothridge and Martin were known as Mr Kool and the Jolly Giant. I believe every starting lineman on the 63 team played some in the pros. Some of the others were Dave Watson, Rufus Guthrie and Ted Davis. Larry Stallings also played with them I...
  13. 2018 Offensive unit projections

    who is kaipo