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  1. THWG

    All-time team

    Since we have similar threads in the football and basketball forums, I thought I would create a thread for the baseball team. I want to know who your all-time players are for Tech at each position. Give me 3 starters for the weekend rotation and a closer. I also want to add the caveat that it...
  2. THWG

    Jim Panagos

    I just saw a tweet from KQ that said Panagos is joining Minnesota's staff.
  3. THWG

    Coach Paul Johnson Appreciation Thread

    I know that we have the CPJ retiring thread, but he deserves this one. Thank you CPJ for giving us some unbelievable moments during your time here. The Orange Bowl in 2014, beating ugag and ending the streak in 2008, the shocking home upsets over top 10 teams, and the ACC championship in 2009...
  4. THWG

    Calvin Johnson elected to CFB Hall of Fame!!

    Congratulations Megatron!!!!
  5. THWG

    Question about Kaleb Oliver

    Does anyone know where the staff decided to put him? He was one of my favorite signings last year and I thought that he would see the field this year so I'm a little disappointed that he hasn't yet. My guess is that the staff decided to let him bulk up and we'll see him as a DE/LB hybrid next year.