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  1. Jeff Sims Film Review

    Even though Howell lit it up as a true freshman, he was an early enrollee at UNC and had a full spring and summer practice before his freshman year, whereas Sims did not.
  2. Coronavirus Thread

    Yes, you are interpreting correctly.
  3. Coronavirus Thread

  4. Coronavirus Thread

    Stop it! You're making too much sense!
  5. Coronavirus Thread

    The best post on this topic so far.
  6. Coronavirus Thread

    Jesus Christ, Michigan is almost Orwellian so I wouldn't doubt South Korea is as well.
  7. Coronavirus Thread

  8. Coronavirus Thread

    Looks like you have a choice to make.
  9. Coronavirus Thread

    I actually find it quite entertaining. In fact, someone should do a poll for the funniest poster on gtswarm. I would nominate @Milwaukee, @stech81 , and @kg01.
  10. Coronavirus Thread

    And yet they have kept schools, bars and restaurants open. Use your brain.
  11. Coronavirus Thread

    Go look at Sweden and Japan, two countries that did not lock down.
  12. Coronavirus Thread

    And don't forget your government did this to you.
  13. Coronavirus Thread

    Base case according to one scenario. Stop falling for this crap!
  14. Coronavirus Thread

    OMG. the sky is falling!
  15. Coronavirus Thread

    Probably true.
  16. Coronavirus Thread

    maybe. or maybe we have 2 quarters of an incredibly shrinking economy followed by 4 quarters of exponential growth like we had in 1957-1958 on the back of the Asian Flu recession. If we have 4 quarters of exponential growth, tax receipts will rebound. Why does everyone fall for the sky is...
  17. Coronavirus Thread

    Even the horrible Italian experience so far has fewer deaths than the 2016-2017 Italian Flu season per Bloomberg News. So for those pointing to the Italy experience, so far it has not eclipsed a bad flu season for them. It's all about perspective and the narrative.
  18. Coronavirus Thread

    He forgot to mention don't eat bats.
  19. Coronavirus Thread

    Hilarious. A state of emergency that goes into effect 1-1/2 days from now. So it's not an emergency now, but will be in 36 hours!
  20. Coronavirus Thread

    Oh, then i've already had it!