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  1. LongforDodd

    Is the youngest Braun at U of Fla

    I saw an OL on the field for Fla with Braun on his jersey.
  2. LongforDodd

    222-0 on ESPN at 6:50

    On Pardon the Interruption on ESPN.
  3. LongforDodd

    Butker 58 yds for the win

  4. LongforDodd

    The Varsity’s Future

    I heard from a superintendent who works for a general contractor who is currently working on campus that there is a sign on the door of the Varsity that alludes to it might be closing for good. It’s been closed due to the Corolla but I would think it’s a strong enough business to reopen...
  5. Pastner wanting ugag transfer

    Rodney Howard may possibly make the COFH switch to GT
  6. LongforDodd

    Butker to the Super Bowl

  7. LongforDodd

    Anyone drinks scotch with hard-to-pronounce names?

    I've been a beer drinker for most of my life but a few years ago I started into bourbon. I found a few that were different but now I'm bored. I'm on to Scotch now. Part of my interest is in trying to learn how to pronounce some of these names. So with that in mind, do any of you have a taste...
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    Just kicked game winning 44 yd FG at the buzzer to beat the Vikings. guaranteed contract $6.5 mil.
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    What's a good synonym for Narrative?

    I think it's worn out and needs replacing. Discuss.
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    GT Football TV Schedule rest of year

    Are our games only going to be on the ACC Network?
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    Anyone watching Ollie?

    tied for lead on Sunday playing in 3rd to last group. On NBC.
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    Just in do you pronounce...Patenaude?

    Never seen the name before a couple of weeks ago. Never heard it pronounced. So just in case we have a new coach with that name, how do we pronounce it?
  13. LongforDodd

    Pass more?

    I'd love to see this offense with a real passing that doesn't make you want to cover your eyes when you see the QB take steps to set up in a pocket.
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    Post game observation - hats off to the Swillings

    After the games I stay around at least until after the band finishes playing Ramblin Wreck when the team usually runs over to the Student section. After the end-of-game huddle at midfield Saturday though the team headed straight to the locker room. I guess the team doesn't go unless they win. I...
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    Transferring Football Tickets Question

    If I email my two PDF tickets to my daughter can she present those tickets on her phone at the gate? She doesn't have a printer at home.
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    J. J. Green Post Game

    I think most of you have seen this article about J. J. Green. After the game my wife and I stayed in our seats at the north 20 yard line lower West until the band and the players finished their tradition. I stay for every play...
  17. LongforDodd

    DressedCheese and others in FLorida...

    Hey bud, I know you haven't been around for a while because you've got other things on your mind. In case you get to check in, if only for a moment, take heart that we're all thinking about you and your family. Stay safe and let us know as soon as practical how you are. And anyone else in...
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    Nice AJC article about incoming LB

    Saw this in the paper this morning and thought it ought to be shared. Good things seem to be ahead for this young man.
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    Is Spring Game replay still up on ESPN? Or anywhere else?

    I tried to locate the spring game replay on ESPN Watch and couldn't find it. Is it still available there or anywhere else?