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    Dedrick Mills Reflects

    A Tweet by Dedrick, giving credit where it is due ---
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    How many Tech games have you attended

    In today's Augusta (GA) paper, whose sports page is almost solely devoted to "news" from Athens, there was a column about a "superfan" who has attended 200 games. I thought well damn, that's not really all that many, so I looked at how many I have attended. Using an average of 6 home games a...
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    Most overrated coaches of all time ---

    Interesting list of overrated coaches. Few surprises, but definitely some ---
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    Red Zone Offense

    I simply do not like the play calling once we get to the red zone, and that IS all on the coaches.
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    Tech football 1989

    Very informative article about the 1989 Yellow Jackets by Ken Sugiura in the AJC --- We are obviously going through a similar transition today from Johnson to Collins, but not...
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    Spring Game 2020

    I just saw that the Spring Game has been scheduled for Friday night April 10. That is the Friday of Masters Week. I realize that not many people have Masters tickets, although I do. But the Spring Game never gets much coverage to begin with, and this particular date will result in virtually...
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    Bruce Jordan-Swilling could be out for season
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    Former Tech WR "Bug" Isom, alive and well

    Sorta hate to create a new thread for this, but I thought it was something other old-timers like me would appreciate. While at Kroger in Augusta today, I was stopped by a guy who complemented me on the Tech shirt I was wearing. We talked for a bit, and, since he looked like he might have been...
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    So what's going on with this website?

    Is nobody going to address what happened with this website last night? I, and at least 2 other regular posters could not even access the site, much less sign into it. Even this morning, it took 5 minutes for me to access it, but I had no problem logging in, once I HAD accessed it. I don't...
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    Kooch gettin' down !!!

    Oh, well, it won't load the link. If anybody knows how to delete a thread, let me know. Or mods, please delete it. It was a pretty cool video of Kooch dancing.
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    Possible Uniform Color Combinations

    As most of you already know, I am a 100% White and Gold uniform fan. Someone suggested that I open a new thread with a poll as to exactly what others think about the subject. I am leaving this poll open for 2 weeks, which should give everyone a chance to vote and express their views.
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    Ranking the ACC coaches
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    Former Temple QB on new Tech OC Dave Patenaude

    Interesting article by Ken ---
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    Hype and the GT fanbase

    Being "cool" doesn't guarantee wins.
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    Johnson to CFP committee ???

    Good article by Ken ---
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    For those who think The Hill can change the curriculum

    I urge you all to read this article from FromTheRumbleSeat. It's a wonder that Tech can even still field teams in any sport, and it's also a wonder that Tech even still exists as a separate school in the university system of Georgia. If you don't already HATE the mutts, this should show you...
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    A former Tech great you may never have heard of

    This article was posted in today's Augusta paper. Having grown up in Augusta, I have always heard of Peter Pund, but I never really knew anything about him. This is pretty interesting ----
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    Senior Appreciation Two senior walkons

    Good article by Ken on two senior walk-ons.
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    Eddie Lee Ivery revisited

    I don't like opening a new thread, but I didn't see any other current thread in which to post this, which I think many other old-timers (like me) might appreciate. On the way back to Augusta from the game today, which was obviously very disappointing, I made my usual stop at the BP truck stop...
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    New weight room ??? Not sure about further decreasing the capacity of BDS, but it's definitely an interesting idea. It would at least get all the students back together at the same end of the...