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  1. PowderSpringsJacket88

    Orange Bowl

    We should be a lock for the orange bowl if FSU can beat UF today GO JACKETS!!!! TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!!
  2. PowderSpringsJacket88

    UGA football player gets arrested for the 2nd time/Felony It feels like Fall already!!
  3. PowderSpringsJacket88

    Rychelski Officially joins GT Football Staff :)
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    Mock Draft McShay with Jerry to the Cowboys

    1. Houston Texans: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina There has been some Johnny Manziel-to-Houston buzz in the last few days, but I think this pick will come down to Clowney and UCF quarterback Blake Bortles. The Texans really need a QB, and Bortles has the highest ceiling of any passer in...
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    Praise for Jermiah Attaochu from ESPN's Kevin Weidl

    Georgia Tech OLB Jeremiah Attaochu has really jumped out during my recent film study. I was first able to get into tape at the combine last month but recently had a chance to watch three more coaches' copy tapes and came away highly impressed. The first things that jump out about the 6-foot-3...
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    ESPN list of 5 make or break coaches for 2014 (CPJ mentioned)

    When I receive feedback on my college football stories (go on and have at it [email protected] or [email protected]), the vast majority comes from fans. Do I agree with them? Usually not. But do I love their passion? Absolutely. However, when this space tackles the specific topic on tap today, the...
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    Mel Kiper snubs Jeremiah A.

    Ranked top 10 players at each position for the 2014 Draft: Defensive ends 1. *Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina 2. *Kony Ealy, Missouri 3. *Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame 4. *Scott Crichton, Oregon State 5. Chris Smith, Arkansas 6. *Demarcus Lawrence, Boise State 7. Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas 8...
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    GT could benefit in recruiting with more marketing like this:

    Recruits respond to this kind of stuff and it gives fans something entertaining to watch. I would like to see some stuff like this going forward. FYI: I thought it was funny when James Franklin was talking about the character of his guys and knows what they are made of...;)
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    The JUSTIN THOMAS era has started

    I am excited! Pumped..Will Jackson and Freddie Burden told me in the spring that JT was more dynamic than Dwyer. Also, I think you are going to see us go back to the basics. Running the ball and running it hard and fast! We have bigger bodies on the OL and a nice WR core that can compliment...
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    What would you do about our coach?

    What would you do if you had the power :cigar:
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    Program has bigger problems

    Well that was a very frustrating game to watch- Poor coaching, blocking, and blown coverage while their QB runs around as much as he wants. CPJ was forced to try to use Trick Plays because his offense was so bad. We couldn't block besides the first quarter and the Waller throw. Vad looked timid...
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    Michael Johnson articles for this year

    I thought these two articles were pretty interesting. Pretty cool that Coley Harvey wrote some of them.. CINCINNATI -- When the boos began to echo throughout Paul Brown Stadium early Sunday afternoon, several on the Cincinnati Bengals' 46-player sideline were bewildered -- stunned that such...
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    CPJ really coached a bad game

    Also, where was the discipline from all of these returning guys. We have a ton of seniors and experience with 9 penalties and 3 turnovers. Many fumbles too!!! That falls on his shoulders... Oh we need to fire CDW
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    Hearing Vad has a concussion..not confirmed

    Not confirmed yet but that is tough if it is. It depends on how serious too.
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    Help getting into the scrimmage.

    Hey, I do not have season tickets. Therefore, I can't get into the scrimmage unless I am a guest. Let me know if you would be interested in letting me in! Thanks guys!
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    Great review of GT football Enjoy!
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    Throwback Uniforms for VT game

    In the media guide! Can't wait...
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    Pass the time by with this..

    Something to watch to pass the time by until August 29th...
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    Lamar Owens recruiting

    He is really coming into his own with recruiting this year. Great pickup of Preddy!
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    Interview Jemal Averette Interview

    Jemal Averette plays for one of the most well known high school programs in the country. There are two current players at Georgia Tech who also attended Good Counsel high school. “I actually have a friend that plays at Georgia Tech. Roderick Chungong. He was one of the role models on my team...