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    The fear of attacks on immigrants/minorities, rational or irrational?
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    Donations for Flunkout

    Hey everyone! Many of you are probably familiar with GTFlunkout, a prolific poster on the Hive and ST. Everyone describes him as a nice guy, nicest you will meet, and he has always been very hospitable to everyone at his tailgates on the RV lot. Unfortunately, he has recently had a spinal cord...
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    There is football on TV today

    a few spring games:
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    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    NASA Slides: NASA release: "Line plot of global mean land-ocean temperature index, 1880 to...
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    Early Enrollees

    oops, messed up the thread title, enrollees...
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    ND releases more tickets, will sell fast

    $85 each upper level
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    Season ticket sales doing well The FSU game sold out before the uga game!
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    Official now: GT vs. Tennessee 2017

    Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN 29s30 seconds ago Tennessee & Georgia Tech will play Sept. 4, 2017 in Atlanta
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    ESPN: GT in driver's seat in Coastal
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    Fallen Tech Heroes

    There are obviously many more fallen Tech heroes (please feel free to use this thread to remind us of them), but two that got featured by AJC and RW: Tharpe: Castleberry...
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    ACC HC Salaries

    Missing a few: Jimbo Fisher, FSU, $5 million Dabo Swinney, Clemson, $3.39 million Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech, $3.02 million Bobby Petrino, Louisville, $3 million Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech, $2.67 million Mike London, Virginia, $2.4 million Al Golden, Miami, $2.3 million David Cutcliffe, Duke...
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    Generating Solo Tackles

    Interesting look into how "spread" offenses are. It's a measure that uses the number of tackles the offense faces; specifically percentage of the solo tackles. The reasoning is that the more spread an offense is, the more solo tackles it creates. GT was #22 in 2014, and #14 in 2013. If you...
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    This can't be helpful for recruiting

    So, someone calculated what each school can give in addition to the current stipends: Article says "Beginning in August, Tennessee can start providing players with about $630 more a month than it does now, according to its...
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    AJC: Jeune impressing Still remember his clutch play at the Orange Bowl: (Vine from @Longestday)
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    Relatively old WSJ Essay on Climate Science

    Since the 'swarm lounge' became the 'climate lounge', I share this excellent essay "Climate Science is not Settled" by Dr. Koonin (His previous positions include professor of theoretical physics and provost at Caltech, as well as chief scientist of BP, where his work focused on renewable and...
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    The answer is obvious

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    A few interesting notes over at Navy

    From Coach Ken's talk today relayed by Navy SID @ScottStras @NAVYCoachKen on only using 12 of 15 spring dates: "Want the guys to stay fresh and healthy. Going through Academy is tough enough. "We are going to get better this spring without beating guys up. Sometimes coaches do things just...
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    He was the DL coach 83-84 at Southern, then OC 85-86 at Southern. Anyone has some info about that change? :)