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  1. ACC Discussion 2020

    If I were a Florida State fan who showed up for the game, I'd be pissed off.
  2. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    This thread makes my head hurt. It's like reading a political thread with only polar opposites posting. At least there is an election tomorrow to taper that. This debate seems to go on forever. In reality, both sides are partly right. CPJ left CGC with an ill-fitting roster and CGC should...
  3. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Completely agree. It would be a perfect running hat if it wasn't so big/deep. It sits on my ears and makes them splay out.
  4. Defense regression

    I completely understand your feelings. But coming off a pretty good year with many key returning starters means we could be a NCAA team this year. (Yeah, I know. You've heard that one before. lol)
  5. Defense regression

    Every time the basketball team doesn't play well, there is indeed a torch and pitchfork group that is ready to clean house. And the team did look much better last year, finishing in 5th place in the ACC.
  6. Sims and Turnovers

    I don't know about everyone here, but my reaction to seeing Sims the first series of the season was "wow, we might have a real quarterback here." The difference from what I saw last year was stark. Of course he is making freshman mistakes, but he is definitely improving. He made beautiful...
  7. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    Better than any sexual fantasy i've ever had.
  8. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Agree. Teams have to all be planning against our special team fakes since we go to the well so often.
  9. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Neither do I. Like a fool, I found an online stream.
  10. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    BC got richer.
  11. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    If you had been watching since the opening kickoff, you'd already be doing that.
  12. Defense regression

    I agree with this. I just wish there was one "venting thread" to contain the hard core negativity to one thread. It would not be welcome in the normal discussion threads. It would cut back on a lot of the bickering.
  13. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    It's official then!
  14. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    They didn't feel the need to throw.
  15. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    This almost makes me long for the days day's of "bend but don't break". Almost.
  16. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Agreed. When even the commentators are thinking we may be trying an onsides kick, is probably obvious to the opposition as well.
  17. Defense regression

    Of course not. I just want to give them the opportunity to vent without repercussions. And I don't mean the mods, I refer to the people who feel the need to defend everything that happens. Sometimes, folks just need to get things off their chest to feel better.
  18. Defense regression

    I see the group that silently lurks in the background has completely lost their patience. Please let them vent. They will come back on board when we stop playing poorly.
  19. Ignore: Double post

    Smells better too.
  20. Ignore: Double post

    This reminds me of a Masters thesis written at UGA. "Your Arse and a Hole in the Ground- A Comparative Study".