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  1. Funny Stuff

    Love his stuff. Just watched his take on "Woke White People" last night. Interesting enough, it had a bit of an underlying angry edge to it missing from his other stuff. loved his takes on vegans, gmo's, etc.
  2. European Soccer

    which begs the next is TV paying so much without the benefit of selling commercial time?????
  3. European Soccer

    Ask and you will receive. Here is average TV revenue (per term): NFL - 255MM MLB - 65MM (varies greatly due to regional as well as national deals) NBA - 90 MM EPL - 158MM Again, this is real quick and very crude so don't take it as gospel but looks like the EPL teams (at least) are doing quite...
  4. European Soccer

    I have a question about $. I looked at the payroll of a middle of the pack ( $ wise) EPL team. Roughy $90MM. In comparison, the average payroll of the NBA and MLB is roughly $120MM and the NFL about $220MM. I am sure roster size drives some of this disparity. These are quick estimates I...
  5. Swarm Makeover

    Unless you are on the thread 24/7 there is a good chance you do not see all the posts so it IS indeed likely you (and others) missed the content leading to the thread being locked. Those get moved to the recycle bin and are not visible to readers so I get why people wonder what happened. Quite...
  6. Why a 15-team conference could work for football (yep, another realignment thread)

    you forgot about the knee injuries too!;)
  7. Swarm Makeover

    Let's be factually correct here. The thread was locked and not deleted. People interested in the topic were instructed to post and respond in the "Corona" thread in the political topics forum as many of the posts in the locked thread were political in nature. This after numerous attempts and...
  8. Coronavirus Thread

    Locking this one down my friends. We seem to have difficulty in distinguishing the disease/ treatment from political issues. All future comments on this can be taken to the corona thread in the political forum. Thank you again for your understanding, support and patronage. Come get me mother, I...
  9. Poll: What in state team would you like?

    I will choose E) None of the above. Those types of games have never meant much of anything to me.
  10. A serious ? about social media

    Fortunately I outgrew my embarassing acts (in public) well before the advent of all this nonsense! ;)
  11. Coronavirus Thread

    LOL. We do indeed get a lot of help! ;)
  12. Coronavirus Thread

    Good afternoon friends. The stuff re: Cain has been recycled. If Mr. Cain is a subject near and dear to your heart by all means continue to do so up in the political topics. As always, your support and continued patronage of GT Swarm is always appreciated. Regards.
  13. Djimon Brooks Earns Scholarship and Single-Digit Number

    Playing FB as a walkon...and majoring in engineering (biomed per his player bio linked in Cuse's post). This is a man not afraid of hard work. Congrats are indeed in order!!
  14. Economic Fallout Thread

    That is too much like real work for the "strategists and visionaries". I left the corporate world because our corporate think tank people, who were making more than I, were creating too much busy work for my liking. The sad thing is, you could eliminate these people with no impact to the actual...
  15. ACC Network’s second Takeover event -Georgia Tech (July 31)

    We need him to year! :D On my bucket list is seeing Tech beat Uga in Atlanta.:banghead:
  16. A serious ? about social media

    That is what I suspected and a bit disturbing quite frankly. If anyone can post photos or videos without my permission, it makes me wonder how safe I really am in this so called witness protection program. ;)
  17. A serious ? about social media

    After reflecting on this, I have a hypothetical ?. Say Tom films a husband and wife in a drunken brawl. The fight takes place at either A) Joe's house or B) the Applebee's. Would the couple have legal recourse against Tom AND Joe or Applebee's? Or just Tom? Again, I am not asking for a friend...
  18. A serious ? about social media

    Fortunately, this is one question that I am not "asking for a friend". I don't think it's the photos or recordings that bother me as much as it is the distribution of same. Some of these seem malicious although you could argue that one shouldn't do stupid things in public. Like most of my peers...
  19. A serious ? about social media

    Thanks for the clarification supersize. I guess the term "social media" was/is a bit vague in my mind.
  20. GT Hoops General Topics

    "laying bricks"? Not the best terminology for a bb player!!:p In addition to playing little or no D, laying bricks was my forte back in my JV days!