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  1. LongforDodd

    Life Advice for a soon to be 30 yr old

    You've received alot of great information here but the bottom line is that you, your mother, and your finacee all need counseling. There are alot of dependencies/codependencies that have formed over the years that need untangling. None of you can move forward properly in your lives with all of...
  2. LongforDodd

    1970 Tech Football

    Thanks. Dave came back to coach us in HS in ‘73.
  3. LongforDodd

    Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    I like this... a lot.
  4. LongforDodd

    1970 Tech Football

    Was Dave Beavin a senior in 1970?
  5. LongforDodd

    1970 Tech Football

    I was there selling cokes but I was too young to understand how hot it was.
  6. LongforDodd

    any of you dealing with the new Bermuda Triangle?

    Yes I returned a set of golf clubs to Callaway Preowned Golf that they operate out of Austin 10 days before Xmas via UPS. Still haven’t showed up. Normally it’s about 5 days.
  7. LongforDodd

    Has the ACC fallen to the bottom of the Power 5?

    Whose recruiting rankings are you using there?
  8. LongforDodd

    Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    Let's bury the handshake
  9. LongforDodd

    The Handshake

    It's the day after Xmas. Was there something that involved the HC recently that had the possibility of closing down the program?
  10. LongforDodd

    Hornets & Yellow Jackets

    I thought we did something about the “gold” on the hardwood.
  11. LongforDodd

    David Curry Entering NFL Draft

    David, Thank you for your dedication to GT and the football team. Please concentrate heavily on the 3 cone drill for the upcoming workouts as you prepare for the draft. Best of luck to you.
  12. LongforDodd

    Jalen camp entering draft

    My prediction.,.Sanders
  13. LongforDodd

    Question about a past incident involving football players.

    Didn’t it happen across Spring St from the Varsity?
  14. LongforDodd

    National Signing Day Coverage

    A little AP article I found on our newest P signee from a larger article about the rise in European football players.
  15. LongforDodd

    Demetrius Knight position change

    To me, he really wants a shot at QB. with Curry leaving I'd think he was a sure shot at starting at LB but maybe he just doesn't want that and wants to compete at QB. He probably thinks he can overtake Yates at #2 if not push Sims real hard.
  16. LongforDodd

    National Signing Day Coverage

    Ignore those numbers...they're really pointless...and hope for results on the field.
  17. LongforDodd

    Demetrius Knight position change

    I'd like that on 4th downs and inside the 10 20.
  18. LongforDodd

    Who returns/leaves?

    How many would John Blutarsky have needed during his college career...7?