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  1. GT Hoops General Topics

    Roster at updated for new pictures and two freshmen walk-ons: Niko Broadway and Jehloni James.
  2. Parham gets waiver!

    Any word on whether Sjolund might be a redshirt candidate?
  3. Ogbonda, Gueye and Alson are leaving ...

    RR - what do you think the future holds for Phillips, Cole, and Sjolund re: GT?
  4. UNC @ GT Tuesday @ 7PM

    I am not a meteorologist, but it appears the latest forecasts have the rain/snow ending at noon - followed by sunny to partly cloudy conditions with a 9-12 mph wind. Hopefully the roads will dry out.
  5. Article Jackets Host ECU on Friday

    Cole has had a terrible start to the season. He had been woefully passive before he turned his ankle. Hope he turns it around. I believe Evan hurt his ankle before the season started.
  6. LeBarrie suspended indefinitely?

    Apropos of nothing, or perhaps everything, concerning the current state of big time college athletics: Dan Jenkins, in his latest (outstanding and often laugh out loud funny) novel, Stick a Fork in Me, has the following interchange between the narrator (the Athletics Director) and Roy (Chair of...