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  1. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    Can't wait to go back to the triple option, y'all! IT WAS PERFECT
  2. BR: Re-Ranking the Top 2020 Class

    This is awesome for next class, too. We are building a lot of momentum on the trail even though it looks like we aren't building on the field. Seniors/Juniors in high school seeing the young guys get an immediate chance? - that's a big one. Let Collins recruit next year and in year 4, make...
  3. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    You don’t know college football, Tom.
  4. ATL week 2

    doesn’t mean they’re the most “badass” also, who cares? They are all playing. But yeah WHAT ABOUT A NUMBER NINE!?!
  5. GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    Will we ever stop having the same talking points on uniforms over and over, y’all? Yeah, didn’t think so either
  6. Former Georgia Tech DB Ajani Kerr joins Tulane

    Fritz will get picked up by a big program soon. If you can turn modern day Tulane into a regular 8 win team, than you are for sure a great coach. He was great at Ga Southern. Love his Offense
  7. Korean Pop at Bobby Dodd

    $$$ - Great move Was just talking to an ATL United fan of mine and told them I wish the Mercedes Benz dome was built a few years later - hated seeing red and black fill the stands of BDS, but that green was the only color I saw when those fans filled the stands
  8. not about Minnesota

    Great thread, dude. You should do another one about the triple option. Then another one about Ralph Friedgen. Then one about Bobby Ross. Then another about how Paul actually never lost at Georgia Tech.
  9. Game Day Apparel

    The jersey looks great! Loving the TECH hat, too
  10. Gameday!

  11. Your Favorite Player that No One Talked About

    These lists are why I started this thread! So great! Totally forgot about Foschi!
  12. Your Favorite Player that No One Talked About

    Impact doesn't mean they were good - just means you always were watching when they played. No idea why I liked those players.
  13. Your Favorite Player that No One Talked About

    With the post-season finally coming to an end, I thought maybe I should throw one more thread into the ring of dumb threads before Week One. Players that didn't necessarily stand out, but were impactful to you. My nominees: Kenny Scott, Darryl Richard, DJ Donley (or Correy Earls), Pat Clark...
  14. NCAA denies waivers for Clayton, Ezzard; Sims granted immediate eligibility

    For no reason, this quote brought something up for me after reading - How many of y'all have been to Athens other than for clean, old-fashioned hate? With Athens being so close and most of us knowing friends at UGA, do y'all go every now-and-then or will you never go? I've never been and will...
  15. New Gray Uniforms with Children's Healthcare

    I could only get through three pages of this thread before commenting... my god, y'all. This may be the worst one that I have ever read. This is a one-time, one-game specialty jersey with ties to a fantastic charitable organization - that should have been enough for the complaints. Come on...
  16. Chart of our GT Men's Basketball Recruiting Rankings

    Should have used “not a great fit” instead of “terrible” We could’ve hired Bryce Drew though on a dumb contract... that would’ve been good, right?
  17. Chart of our GT Men's Basketball Recruiting Rankings

    I don't necessarily think Gregory was a *terrible hire* but he most certainly was a *terrible fit* at Tech. Was he not Tech's, like, 5th candidate? We didn't have much of a choice left after Gregory at the time because CPH had us in a bad situation even before he was gone. Some major...
  18. New recruit...2nd chances

    Oh my f**king god, y'all. Stop this type of posting in the football thread. The KID is 18, maybe made a mistake and is now moving on. Wait a second.. never mind. How about a bunch of 50-60 year olds keep a post open about how they "had integrity when they went to Tech"... also, y'all wanna talk...