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  1. Your Favorite Player that No One Talked About

    With the post-season finally coming to an end, I thought maybe I should throw one more thread into the ring of dumb threads before Week One. Players that didn't necessarily stand out, but were impactful to you. My nominees: Kenny Scott, Darryl Richard, DJ Donley (or Correy Earls), Pat Clark...
  2. CPJ's O ripped CGC's DBs at Miss State

    Just a reminder. Keep your upcoming expectations in check this season. (i cant wait for the hell i'll get for this one)
  3. One Player I Hope Coach Collins Embraces: Justin Thomas

    It has been awesome to see Calvin Johnson back on the Flats in spring practices and included in hype videos. These videos are incredible marketing outlets for future recruits. I know that we are trying to distance ourselves from the option, but I feel like Justin Thomas should be included in...