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  1. Game Delayed (20 minutes)

    Game delayed
  2. Good news
  3. Jimbo and A&M at it again
  4. This is what Tech should do
  5. Jimbo and Tex A&M at it again
  6. Killing time I found this column Spencer Hall

    wrote when Chris Petersen retired back in December. Here's one paragraph about Petersen that sounds awfully familiar to me: "Boise’s rampaging success was an outlier off the field, too. Petersen never yelled at his players, and emphasized a team togetherness bordering on the hokey. He...
  7. Miami defensive adjustments

    I thought the following story and quotes from Manny Diaz were very interesting: “It was a new wrinkle they had for us this year,” Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said. What the Jackets did...
  8. Johnson hopeful for return of injured players
  9. FYI on "efforts"

    Another thread had a discussion on what the Coach Johnson phrase "efforts" means with a lot of guess's about it. In Coach Johnson lingo an "effort" is short for a "lack of effort". So an effort is a negative thing. You want as few "efforts" as possible. I'm not sure if he uses the phrase...