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  1. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    My expectations this year are pretty simple a .500 season would be measuring stick and anything above is sugar on top and good sign of trending upwards
  2. The Handshake

    Think this maybe a compound affect of previous weeks game and officiating and then this fiasco he was pretty annoyed and then the other coach made it look worse by not letting go of his hand
  3. Clemson Game Open - GT opens at 26.5-27 point dog

    Just want to see a competitive game make them earn I'll be thrilled. If I get a game were we are some how still within 2 possessions of them at start of 4th and not a ton of penalties and turnovers Ill be estatic. Happiness for me is simply 38-21 or something like that.
  4. remaining wins....

    Realistically I expect a 4-5 win season looking at remaining schedule.... Homer in me says we can get 7 wins
  5. Revelations after 3 weeks

    I mean team came out on a long road trip flat as all get out and seemingly couldn't recover. The mental mistakes are the one's that are beyond frustrating and seemingly always happening at crucial moments. -Allowing big return after momentum score -False Starts/TOs/Penalties in the Red zone...
  6. How to watch the game today???

    I had Hulu down in Florida on Vacation just call them and have them set you home location to your Darian tell them you on vacation or something and then just a call back to get it flipped when go back to main home location. I didnt get much hassle they will just need the ip from your current...
  7. Week 3 #GTvsCUSE Predictions

    I think the turnovers and forcing additional scoring opportunities in 4th quarter contributed too the mess against UCF let it get away from us a closer game probably makes that a score lower
  8. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    Defense had its moments and actually gave us opportunities to get back in game but offense flounder under young player miscues. The issue was they were forced over and over again to play on short fields and and tons of reps you give ucf to much opportunities you will be toast. Thought we tried...
  9. Ryans Named National Defensive Player of the Week

    I mean Curtis Ryans size and length is impressive and if he uses and develops his Pass Rush he can continue to be a cog in lineup and rotation.
  10. Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    and any game where we did have offensive production just seemed to be all compromised of big plays or Mason just taking over no consistency... I saw consistent blocking, moving chains, etc tonight much better sign today of what direction offense is heading...and I'll say this about of defense...
  11. Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    That was one of better d-lines he will see this year. I was impressed overall at his accuracy his foot work in the pocket look smooth and throwing motion is quick and he delivered good catchable balls. The Ints were mostly bad decisions which you learn from but hes a competitor for sure and...
  12. Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    Ohh on the strip sack he gave the tackle a beautiful swim and chop move... and close Ryan's got something
  13. Starting K speculation

    That's a low bar for sure
  14. Quarterback for next year

    I think any QB that starts next year will see some + benefit of a deeper & more experienced offensive line. I don't think the o-line is all of a sudden an elite group but theres potential there for a solid overall group. Graham had shown plenty of ability last year but due to his own shaky...
  15. Season in review.

    Coaching Collins: I have feel pretty confident going forward that Collins will be able to bring in regularly recruit classes in the top 30 range yearly and he obviously is selling the players and program to the right message. I've not seen anything outrageous in coaching game decisions that he's...
  16. 2020 Player thoughts and impressions

    So we soon will be wrapping up the 1st Season under the new regime and we've got to see alot of players through the year develop. I was curious to see other's thoughts on who impressed them this year and who you believe will continue to develop into quality starters/ACC players. I've got my...
  17. NC State Postgame

    The Saga Pat McAfee who called the game last night. Had high praise for the coaching staff and program after covering them for past few days. He was impressed and was all about Collins. He stated that if Collins can recruit and win transfer battles in the epicenter of ATL with his charisma that...
  18. Where has this version of James Graham been all year?

    The first play not sure were was confusion between the G and RB if not a read as stated. If both would've put hat on targets with RB chipping that DE that made the hit, Graham has room to run into breakdown on right and if turns it outside at 2nd level maybe makes it to end-zone that play about...
  19. NC State Postgame

  20. Where has this version of James Graham been all year?

    You got to like Graham talent he has a strong arm and delivers a nice deep ball and how accurate he is on anything past 20 yards most of the time is pretty impressive for a Freshman. The frustrating thing though is usually its the deep and intermediate routes Freshman QBs struggle with accuracy...