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  1. daBuzz

    Fromayan not returning next season per AJC

    He's leaving to pursue a career as a member of a NASCAR pit crew.
  2. daBuzz

    ACC & CFB playoffs....

    Alabama will be in the playoffs regardless. They could lose out and you will hear the spin doctors say that their losses just prove how tough the SEC is and that's all the more reason for them to be in. With that being said, I don't think Bama loses until the playoffs.
  3. daBuzz

    Pitt favored by 8 points

    They certainly were against us. Their offense gave up 5 fumbles last year and we converted 4 of them into touchdowns. One of them was the long TD after Connor's fumble when DJ White ran him down from behind and forced the fumble through the end zone. But the other 3 TD's off of turnovers came...
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    Our Offense

    That's the million dollar question. Or more accurately, about $3.02 million per year question.
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    Our Offense

    Well, crap, by that logic...if every offensive player on every team did what they're supposed to like the play is drawn up on the chalkboard, every play would gain positive yardage and every drive would result in a touchdown. Why don't we just do that on offense?
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    Safety call

    I don't remember Tevin running out the back of the end zone but I do remember Reggie doing it (against VT, I think?)...although I've tried to wipe the memory of that happening out of my memories.
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    Clemson Postgame

    You guys complaining that "this team played for a national championship last year" do realize that Clemson lost EIGHT players on defense from that team and still held us to 124 total yards, right? They lost 2 defensive ends taken in the first round and still were able to dominate our offense...
  8. daBuzz

    Clemson Postgame

    What planet are you living on? We had 22 yards of offense in the first half and 124 total in the game. Thank God that Dabo and Paul are friends because Clemson backed off in the 2nd half or it really could have been ugly.
  9. daBuzz

    Clemson Postgame

    I think this is either a 6-6 team or possibly a 7-5 team if we can beat Pitt. I would expect we will lose to Miami, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Georgia. Pitt is a toss-up. We will beat Ga. Southern, Duke, and Virginia.
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    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    I actually considered him, Bryce Molder and Stewart Cink. I admit to having a prejudice against Duval though. I've met him a few times and the guy is a first class d'bag. Cink, on the other hand, is one of the nicest people you've ever met and absolutely loves everything to do with GT. If...
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    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    Tell them to put their iPhones down, get off Instagram and go watch the latest ESPN 30-for-30 special on the Orlando Magic. It was about Shaq, Penny Hardaway and Dennis and their run in Orlando. Also, check the records for most 3 pointers in a season...he's still in the top 5, although Klay...
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    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    No he hasn't graduated yet or we would have already retired his jersey. He's been taking classes at Tech off and on over the past years (as his schedule allows) because he does indeed want his GT degree.
  13. daBuzz

    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    It was. And the jersey he was wearing when he made that shot is framed and hanging in my billiards room of my house. :) Definitely my most prized piece of Tech memorabilia. And, for the record, Dennis is an outstanding ambassador for Tech and absolutely loves everything about the school...
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    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    Yeah, the fact that he's a current analyst and hosts a TV show on NBA TV means that none of them will know who he is. </sarcasm>
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    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    OK so we don't 'mix' them. We put the lettermen at one end of the sideline and the recruits about 25 feet away with a row of 'hostesses' in between. Their job is to explain to the recruits, "NCAA won't let you go talk to Calvin Johnson. But if you come play at GT and become a letterman, one...
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    From a fan of 55 years and what i see

    Engineers are people who, by training and nature, are experts at solving problems. Accordingly, I've long wondered why an alumni group of said engineers don't actually try to do anything about solving the problems that we all recognize exist for GT...specifically with regards to the football...
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    Post-season/Pre-season Team Workouts

    JT is probably 5'7"...MAYBE 5'8".....if he has on long cleats. He's not a big guy.
  18. daBuzz

    What if Calvin Johnson became Tech's WR coach?

    I just don't think that's going to happen.
  19. daBuzz

    New Rules Change

    IIRC, that rule you quoted only came into existence within the past 3 or 4 years. I don't believe it was in effect when that game happened in 2009.
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    Twitter Whiners.

    Well, you know the old saying, "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."