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  1. Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    If SC is offering him more and he is considering it, let him take it. More money is good for him, and we should not be paying coaches more after 3-9,3-7 seasons. Literally no coach on our staff should be getting a raise.
  2. Is It Just Me?

    College hoops has become very boring. Not enough savagery, not enough shooters, just boring.
  3. Pastner vs Crean

    MBob screwed us....
  4. LSU-OK Beatdown

    Clemson still has more talent than the other 3 teams.
  5. All Decade Team voting, link in 1st comment

    Man I thought Anthony Allen was the best B-Back on that list lol Also thought DJ White and Rod Sweeting should have been near the top.
  6. What's he doing??

    Probably waiting for the Georgia Southern job to open up.
  7. Recruiting issue raised by a past Auburn football athelete

    I think you have to be a star to be worshipped like a star. If we pull a recruit like Gurley or Clowney, you can bet they will get attention at most bars in Atlanta.
  8. Coach Collins has lost to a FCS school two straight years

    Temple only scored 17 against Villanova. I wonder who their OC was that year? Update: The offense only scored 10. One was a defensive TD.
  9. Joe Brady (LSU Passing Game Coordinator)

    I still say wait for Chad Morris to get canned at Arkansas then scoop him up.
  10. Georgia State Panthers

    RIP Jeremy Pruitt......he might not survive the season. Incase anyone wants to witness the meltdown.
  11. ACC Discussion 2019

    Without those starters Alabama didnt look like the #2 team. They are definitely losing the recruiting battle to Clemson and uga. The Saban era maybe coming to an end.
  12. So who leaves? Attrition.

    Yea hopefully they just finish with the degree instead of leaving. Its the smart choice.
  13. Bracket Challenge 2019

  14. NCAA violations found at GT

    I wish we had never hired MBob...
  15. Remembering Hewitt

    Because at one point he was a 5* recruit....the point is CJP isnt doing what is supposed to be good at, recruiting.
  16. Remembering Hewitt

    Josh Okogie Tadric Jackson Solomon poole Marcus Georges Hunt Robert Carter Jr Not Hewitt level... but much better than CJP.
  17. Remembering Hewitt

    10 years ago I was telling everyone I would never miss Hewitt......sadly...I would love to have a Hewitt talent team right now (if they could just inbound the ball). Holy **** GT BB is really at an all time low. I also said it in chat a few times and I dont really want to be that guy again...

    This excitement is amazing. At this point I will like everyone is onboard with the 404movement! However, as a Tech fan there is always some doubt. I will say this: My doubt will be 100% gone if CGC is able to sign some 4* DL. I still believe that will be the real challenge for GT Football.
  19. Where would we be with Okogie this year?

    We would have won today.