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  1. techman78

    Great point made to me tonight

    So I was talking to a guy at the Yard House bar tonight (not a Tech guy, just a local originally from Minnesota) and he made the comment after talking some football that most people that graduate from UGA or other "factory" schools your still just Joe, Dan, Stan etc. But whenever you graduate...
  2. techman78

    Tailgate party

    Anyone know where the official tailgate party will be before the game tomorrow? Is there any party's or anything going on tonight?
  3. techman78

    My biggest fear tonight

    My biggest fear tonight isn't if we can play with these guys, it isn't if we can beat these guys straight up, and it isn't if we will be mentally prepared. My biggest fear is well the ACC officials let us have a shot at bearing these guys. I feel like we have a great shot at winning if the game...
  4. techman78

    ACCCG tickets

    I ordered mine through the athletic association the day after the Duke v Carolina game. Still haven't been emailed to me. Anyone else still waiting on there's? Was hoping to have my email by now.
  5. techman78

    So who's going to Charlotte?

    Im fixing to order my tickets now! One game at a time, beat the Mutts, then lets take it to Free Seafood University!!!!! Go Jackets!
  6. techman78


    This was my first season ever having season tickets. I have truly enjoyed every second of it. I am very happy the way the team has played this season and I will never forget my first season as a season ticket holder. Hope to make the trip to the cesspool in a couple of weeks as well as Charlotte...
  7. techman78

    Where did they go????? lol

    What happened to all of those fans wearing green and orange that talked all of that sh!t all night long when there was 5 minutes to go in the game.... Seemed like they left before the after party.....
  8. techman78

    Jabari Hunt Days

    Coming out of the tunnel leading the guys out before warmup... The loudest, most vocal, and biggest cheerleader for the team.... Great spirit.... Ready to see him on the field again!!
  9. techman78

    Food options around BDS

    I was wondering, what some good set down restaurants where I could get a good meal and drink within walking distance of BDS would be. Suggestions please.
  10. techman78


    I gladly ate some on Saturday afternoon and I must say it tasted great. I think I predicted a 27-14 loss for us. Glad I was wrong and super proud of the team. Hope they bring there A game against Miami, really want to beat those guys!!
  11. techman78

    Breakout player

    So who does everyone think is going to be our breakout players this season? In going with JT on O and Green on D. JT is just pure lightning and can take it to the house from anywhere on the field. Green has shown such flashes when healthy, just need a full season out of him.
  12. techman78

    Just curious

    Haven't heard any reports on Justin Bryan so far. I know there gonna be a big learning curve but his size and athleticism is so intriguing just wondering if anyone has heard how he is doing so far. Excited to have him and Will both coming to Tech.
  13. techman78

    Season tickets

    I purchased season tickets this season for the first time. Just wondering if any of you on here have any idea when they may be mailed out. Looking forward to making ALL home games for the first time!! Go jackets!!!!
  14. techman78


    Finally shut the SEC and ESPN up for a little while!
  15. techman78

    FSU D

    I can't believe how dang fast they are. Haven't really watched them much this season but man are they quick to the ball!