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  1. Cam

    Tucker Gleason Enters the Transfer Portal

    I'd project he ends up at Toledo. His former HS coach is the QB coach there now. Best of luck.
  2. Cam

    James Graham Transferring

    I could see Gleason heading to Toledo. His old HS coach is now the QB coach there and their starting QB is a senior. I'd love for Gleason to stay, but I know it's not necessarily in his best interest as a QB. In that case, I feel like Yates would stay as QB2, but it also wouldn't surprise me if...
  3. Cam

    Am I being too negative ? Help !!

    For what it's worth, two of your examples of good coaches in this league are currently 1-4 (Mendenhall) and 1-5 (Cutcliffe). You've also got Pitt under 6th year Narduzzi that are on a 4 game losing streak. Satterfield follows up a strong year 1 by going 2-4 with wins over Western Kentucky and...
  4. Cam

    Louisville Uniform Reveal

    The opinion of recruits is what really matters:
  5. Cam

    Jordan Domineck Pass Rush

    Marco Coleman has been the steal of the staff. After years of struggling defensive lines, this year's DL actually looks like our strongest unit on that side of the ball. Guys like Yondjouen, Ryans, Domineck, etc. have really developed nicely under him and are receiving national praise/accolades...
  6. Cam

    Jeremiah Smith has been medically disqualified

    0% chance he was #processed. The guy came from Grayson and "processing" a kid from there would completely burn that bridge and shut down that valuable pipeline. Jeremiah had been injured practically since he got here and fell to the bottom of a deep depth chart. Same thing happened to Jordan...
  7. Cam

    Jahmyr Gibbs Hype Thread

    A lot more hype coming in today with the presser. JP Mason said, "Jahmyr, he's... He's a freak of nature. That's what I can say about him. He can move quick. Yeah, he's that dude." Coach Choice [timestamped below]: "First, Jahmyr is an animal. The kid is unbelievable, you know what I mean. For...
  8. Cam

    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    You mentioned Luke Johns twice. Harrison Jump is the other guy, I believe.
  9. Cam

    ESPN: Bill Connelly's ACC Coastal season preview

    Bill Connelly knows what he's talking about. His data carries a lot of accurate information and his interpretation of the data is usually pretty unbiased. Last year he admitted we were a massive wildcard due to the transition but still predicted around 3.7 wins, which some posters here trashed...
  10. Cam

    Kicker Brent King Enters Transfer Portal

    80% within the 40 is actually pretty tough. Harrison Butker never hit that mark in a single year and hit 66% over his career from within the 40 (including 8/8 from within the 30). Even the guy King was a replacement for, Joseph Bulovas (#1 kicker in 2o17), is 18/23 (78%) within the 40 at...
  11. Cam

    Kelton Dawson Enters Transfer Portal

    Doesn't seem like grades: I think we're overthinking this. Sometimes people just want a change in scenery.
  12. Cam

    Christian Malloy has Entered the Transfer Portal

    We definitely had a weird history (and a lot of bad luck) with our B-Backs. I went through our recruiting classes from 2011 and here's what I found: Zach Laskey (recruiting class of 2011) - Made the league as a UFA Travis Custis (2013) - couldn't overcome academic credit hurdles Donovan Wilson...
  13. Cam

    24/7 CGC Interview

    I don't really mind CGC's Top 10 claim. It's really not as big of a stretch as some think if you don't look strictly at the end of season ranking. Here's Collins' years as a GT staff member (source): 1999 - Ranked in the Top 20 all season (17 weeks), Ranked in the Top 10 for 9 weeks, peaked at...
  14. Cam

    Tyler Davis Drafted

    And an NFL GM thinks he is a pro. Jeez, you really a GT fan?
  15. Cam

    Recruiting "Commitments"

    I think you mean Jahmyr Gibbs. Each recruit is unique and there is a certain amount of leverage they possess. With a talent like Gibbs, he had legitimate opportunities to commit to Alabama, LSU, or Ohio State late in the cycle, so he's not a guy you're going to squeeze into staying committed. If...
  16. Cam

    Alcohol Sales Pilot Program

    Knock out the South endzone stands in BDS and replace them with a beer garden. Even better, sell beer exclusively from the ATL area. GT has connections at many breweries in the ATL, so it shouldn't be hard to get them involved. Second Self was started by GT grads, one part of the duo with...
  17. Cam

    Spring Practice Thread

    By Football Outsider's FEI metrics, we literally ranked dead last in Field Goal Efficiency last year. I appreciate Wells and King for their collective contributions to GT, but I can't say I didn't feel mild panic anytime they stepped on the field. I'm not afraid of starting Gandis or one of the...
  18. Cam

    Position Changes for 2020

    At the very least, I'd expect a redshirt year for BJS. The guy has been through a lot of injuries and could use a year off to retrain himself at RB. For Jerry Howard, I think it depends on how the staff wants to manage the roster. If they want that roster spot, they may just play him 5+ games...