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  1. vamosjackets

    How to watch Temple game?

    I've never had so much trouble figuring out how to watch our games until this year. Does anyone have any good advice/tricks for how to watch a replay of the Temple game? I can't even find an ACC-Network "Condensed Game" on Youtube.
  2. vamosjackets

    How to watch a replay?

    Is there any way to watch a replay of the game? I would bet that @BobintheATL99 will have the game on Youtube in the next couple of days, but does anyone know of another way to watch a replay of these ACC Network games? I've got Dish network and usually watch a replay on WatchESPN, but that's...
  3. vamosjackets

    y u mad (CNW)?

    Why was CNW so mad at this particular moment, right before this routine UVA pass play (which we missed a routine tackle and it then went the distance for a TD)? Was what he was mad at somehow responsible for the TD that ensued? If so, I bet he went from boiling over to plasma hot (it didn't...
  4. vamosjackets

    How to watch GT vs Pitt?

    I used my extensive Googling skills to find that GT/Pitt is on some channel called CHSS. Is that on Direct TV? Maybe a more pertinent question is, will it also be available on WATCHESPN?
  5. vamosjackets

    Great Article from Ken (implicit hammering of Ole Miss/NCAA)

    To me this article is a subtle yet damning indictment of football factories like Ole Miss and the wink-wink relationship ($$$$$$$) they have with the ever-hypocritical bastion of academic integrity, the NCAA...
  6. vamosjackets

    Minimum to be good (Recruiting related)

    These are my contentions: 1. CPJ is a very good coach and that under him we've been a good program. 2. We are on a razor's edge between great and terrible seasons. It seems that each of our seasons, whether they've been very good or bad, could have been the other way around with a few...
  7. vamosjackets

    Unexpected Recruiting Observation

    Something @dressedcheeseside said in the Fall Camp thread I believe in a discussion with @33jacket got me thinking. 33j was saying that with CPJ here the recruiting ranking on offense is never going to be very accurate, and then DCS said that the main question he asks in recruiting is "are we...
  8. vamosjackets

    Radio Calls, Shows, + CPJ calls CJP

    Hadn't seen this posted, but it may have been... Here is a link to radio calls for football and basketball as well as call in shows. Also, I wasn't aware that CPJ called-in to the CJP radio show - pretty funny exchange...
  9. vamosjackets

    My grandfather - a patriot's redemption

    I had the privilege of speaking at my maternal grandfather's funeral yesterday. He was a 92 year old WWII vet, in the 101st Airborn, parachuted into Normandy on D-Day, everyone in his platoon was killed, he was captured and was a German POW for months until the end of the war. He was not a...
  10. vamosjackets

    Youth Trip, ACC Politics, Personal Decisions

    I have been dreading posting this. It may be that this belongs in a different forum or even no forum at all as it enters into politcal and religious topics. But, the NCAA, ACC, and GT have crossed those lines, so it's unavoidable at this point to keep from them. And, I think you all should...
  11. vamosjackets

    Interesting game of the past - 2004 UConn

    You know how youtube sucks all of the minutes of your life away sometimes. It lures you in when somehow it recommends exactly what will make you click and stay on that site for hours ... Yeah, it happened to me today. So, I started watching this 2004 UConn game, and found a few interesting...
  12. vamosjackets

    Interesting Article on Effect of Spread Offenses on Rushing

    Really good article by Andrea Adelson: Don't know if it belongs in this forum, but thought it an interesting topic to discuss. It certainly has implications on the kind of...
  13. vamosjackets

    Trouble staying signed into GTSwarm with Firefox

    Is anybody else having trouble with remaining signed into GT Swarm while surfing using Firefox? Seems like every time I come back to it, I'm not signed in and have to re-sign in. I am checking the box "keep me signed in" every time, but it's definitely not keeping me signed in. It's even...
  14. vamosjackets

    GT robot drummer

    You guys remember that GT spot that had the girl and the robot doing a drum duel. I remember some complaining about it, but I always really liked it. Well, it looks like this is actually doing some amazingly good things for humanity. I think that commercial is what gave this...
  15. vamosjackets

    Congrats to Trey Braun

    That sucker just graduated with honors in Mechanical F'n Engineering ... AND is getting married Jan 17. That's on top of paving the way for the most efficient offense in history, beating (re: owning) the dwags, and playing in the Orange Bowl. That's a GT man, right there...
  16. vamosjackets

    When is GT's finals week?

    As we all know, GT, unlike the vast majority of football schools, has to actually deal with real academics. Duke week, CPJ said, the players were all taking midterm exams. That can have a real fatigue effect on your mind. So, I just thought about that we're coming to the end of the semester...
  17. vamosjackets

    Let's talk U(sic)GAg

    Their offense: Best RB you'll see at this level. I think the Gurley injury doesn't hurt them at all, as I think Chubb is the better player at this point. There won't be any questions or pressure about getting both of them the ball. They can just focus on maximizing Chubb's immense talent...
  18. vamosjackets


    I was thinking Tenuta's defense could give FSU some trouble and UVA has a chance at an upset if they can generate some offense. It's 13-7 UVA beginning the 2nd quarter. Look out.
  19. vamosjackets

    Derrick Moore with Brandon Gaudin

    Brandon gives us a closer look at our awesome chaplain Derrick Moore. We have the best chaplain on the planet. I love me some Derrick Moore. He's not just "rah rah" (though he is that with a bullet), he's real, and he cares about every single guy that has ever put on so much as a practice...
  20. vamosjackets

    Thoughts going into UVA week

    Tenuta: I think Tenuta is one of the actual bonafide defensive coordinators out there. Would've loved to have kept him here at GT. I always wonder what could've been had we kept him .... wow, what a thought. Think about a great defense going with our offense all these years. UNC scored 28...