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  1. GT vs. Georgia St.

    Georgia State is a very strong opponent to start the year with. Should be interesting and a very good game.
  2. Final Four Games

    10 Things I want to see: 1. At least 2 wins. This will give the team a total of at least 4, which is an improvement over 2019. 2. More Young guys! 3. Different guys on the O Line. They really struggled last game. 4. More aggressive offensive play calling 5. More effort defensively 6. Less dumb...
  3. Tucker Gleason

    This one is a head-scratcher. It sure appears the staff has moved on from Gleason and thus not giving him an opportunity.
  4. The 2019-2020 Senior Class and their extra year

    Jose and Moses can play pro ball. Maybe not NBA, but definitely pro oversees. I don't see how another year would benefit them.
  5. Starting QB speculation

    After seeing Yates play against Syracuse, I've tempered my expectations and appreciated Sims a lot more. I hope to see Gleason at some point as well, but Sims is most likely the best we have on the roster right now. You all just have to be patient with him right now.
  6. The Kicking Game

    I believe that kid is strictly punter right now and is slated to take Harvin's spot immediately.
  7. The Kicking Game

    Georgia Tech has made 5 FGs between 4 kickers in the Collins era. (15 games). NCAA leader has 7 through 3 games so far. This has to get better. It's so bad that the team has to fake a PAT by trying to run with the punter.
  8. #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    Rivals had Yates as a 4* and 6th best dual thread in the country.
  9. #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    Syracuse DOES NOT have a better team than Georgia Tech. Tech simply lost because of turnover and penalties. Most of that is on the coaches. I don't know how Yates was a 4* QB, but he should not be on the field. Good lord.
  10. End of Half Clock Management

    For a team that claims to put so much emphasis on the data analytics, it's concerning that Collins doesn't think it was a bad play.
  11. Starting QB speculation

    We really talking about the QB? These are the same people who said we should pick one and stick with him. As much as I want to see Gleason or Yates, I don't think it's a bad idea to keep Jeff Sims in there. Yes he's played a bad game and made mistakes, but I believe the purpose of leaving him...
  12. ACC Expansion

    lol no one should want UCF.
  13. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    You want them to get fired up, but it's the confusion of the coaches/players that is the issue. In-game coaching has to get better, and I'm sure Collins and co. know that. Ultimately you don't beat a near top 10 team with 5 turnovers.
  14. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    I believe GT has better individual talent on the field, but UCF has a better winning formula. This is a well-coached team with a legit QB. I'm just going to say it. Being at the game today I've observed how dysfunctional the coaches were at times. Thacker and Collins jawed at each other several...
  15. Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    UCF's offense is far superior to FSU, with a much better QB. I expect this to be a high scoring game.
  16. swilling

    Both Myles Sims and Zamari Walton are RS Sophomores listed 6'3" 185lbs. That's skinny for a football player, but it's fine at CB if they can cover. Those guys are super long, which makes it hard to win one on ones against them.
  17. Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    What a sweet victory. Sims was dropped by Norwell and here he is handing Norwell a loss in his first game AT HOME, and outplaying his starting QB.
  18. Starting QB speculation

    Not at all. Just my 2 useless cents. More of a joke than anything.
  19. Starting QB speculation

    Guys guys, I think Sims is just starting the game but we'll have a different QB for each quarter.
  20. Antonneus Clayton injured?

    It appears he got frustrated initially by the injury and posted something that made people jump to conclusions and assumed it's an ACL tear. I think we would know by now if that was the case. Reports are still conflicting, but a lot more promising than last night. I think they are awaiting MRI...