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  1. awbuzz

    BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Start here
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    AJC Malachi Carter

    Link AJC article about Malachi Carter "Catching and blocking"
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    Just WOW!
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    PAC 12 Players Want $ and Insurance, Threatening a Boycott This will lead to an end of college athletics including football.
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    2020 Freshman Jersey Numbers (Includes a Single Digit)

    Link "After arriving on campus this past weekend, Georgia Tech’s freshmen learned their jersey assignments for the season ahead Monday, courtesy of coach Geoff Collins. There also was one more jersey, No. 7, held to honor the late Bryce Gowdy." ... "running back Jahmyr Gibbs, rated the No. 75...
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    Yellow Jackets who’ve worn Brandon Adams’ No. 90 remember ‘Big B’

    A nice read... Hope you enjoy.
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    Temple Post Game

    Yeah! We didn't get shut out.
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    Coach Collins Does Away with Scout Team

    Okay, now to be Developmental Team. [emoji6]
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    George P. Burdell ... the story from How Stuff Works

    Many on this site are already familiar with one of the in not the "student" with more class credits than any other. A good read as a reminder and an introduction to the Legend that is George P. Burdell. How Stuff Works enjoy :-)
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    Lighter and leaner, Bruce Jordan-Swilling wants to show what he can do

    Good off-season strength program! "“He’s a guy that looks different than when we got here,” defensive coordinator Andrew Thacker said. “Lost 15 pounds in the offseason program, muscled up, lost body fat and is just running like the big-time running back he was out of high school, and is in the...
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    Dave Patenaude’s vision for Georgia Tech offense clarifying

    Good article. Nothing secret, but worth a quick perusal. Expect some players to line up in multiple positions. “I have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to want to be,”...
  12. awbuzz

    The Lew Effect

    It starts here... "When the team tested in January, there were seven players who could bench press 225 pounds 20 times or more. When the team tested again Monday, there were 32."...
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    Buzz Graduation (Story of a 6 Year Run)

    A nice article. Enjoy
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    Athletic Director's Update May 2019

    Received email earlier today... I'll let you read it for yourselves - Dear Georgia Tech Athletics Fans, It’s hard to believe that we’re wrapping up another year here on The Flats. As the end of the 2018-19 academic and athletics calendars draw near, I’d like to reflect on our EVERYDAY...
  15. Supersizethatorder-mutt

    Pastner Has Maximized Tech's Talent

    Decent article by Bradley ---
  16. CLM

    GT at ND Post Game Discussion

    It’s time for a change. It just is. Haywood is 1-29. Jose, who I love has 5 points. We just have to get more talent and we don’t have one good player coming in 2019. 10 years now. I am such a diehard fan but it’s just not fun anymore and hasn’t been for a while.
  17. tech_wreck47

    ACC Football 2019 Schedule

  18. awbuzz

    24/7 Rating at Correlation to Making It to the NFL

    Player ranking and Percentage that make it to the NFL by 24/7 Sports composite rating. Note that a higher percentage of unrated players make it that those in that group than players rated below 85%
  19. awbuzz

    We Suggested, GTAA Listened... Water Stations

    Okay, we complained and they did something about it. The athletic department has added 54 points of access for water bottles and also added 13 fans and misters to help fans cool off. For the season opener there were 12 water stations and four large fans and misters.
  20. awbuzz

    What happened on Georgia Tech’s failed fake punt

    Run it as designed, darn good chance of a First Down... From the AJC What happened on Georgia Tech’s failed fake punt Sept 15, 2018 PITTSBURGH — Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson isn’t averse to risks, and Saturday he paid the price on a hefty gamble. Down 7-0 in the first quarter, the Yellow...