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  1. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Ozuna reportedly being pursued by 10 teams, including Atlanta.
  2. Volleybee Signees....

    Laura Fischer- 6'3" Leia Harper 6'2" Bianca Bertalino 6'1" Kali Engeman 6'1"
  3. GTWBB w/ 2 Early Signees....

    Bulane at one time was expected with the 2022 class. She is expected to graduate, enroll in the middle of 2021. Harrison is a top 100, post player.
  4. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    When the early innings were passing by, you could see the glum faces in the Dodger dugout. Betts and Seager looked like they were filled with worry. If you win 3 games and lead for half of game 7, you pretty much played a better team even. Noted, the LA payroll trumps the Atlanta one. Starting...
  5. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    No, being thrown out at the plate(just like the Dodgers were a few innings later)& not able to stay in the rundown long enough for Riley to make third safely, didn’t lose the series. Check out the bats the last three losses: 2 runs, 1 run and three runs on about 3 total hits last night. Betts...
  6. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Looks like LA is now going with May...Gonsolin...Urias or Kershaw. ‘Pen game.
  7. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    4-3 Braves. Melon-Man keeps cardiology in business. Washington got past them last year, because a baseball can take strange hops. Atlanta has been fortunate to have 4 quality starters at their disposal. How many teams could overcome what I described in the previous post? Depth! So what do you...
  8. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Such little faith they have. Here they complained about Austin Riley, on The Hive, I had to sell them on giving Ozuna, Wright, Wilson a chance back in Spring Training. I mean the Dodgers have the #1 hitting team in baseball by stats. Their pitching is always top shelf and hallmark. They won the...
  9. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Minter vs. May, tonight. Bullpen game.
  10. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Snitker says Max Fried will not pitch in game 5.
  11. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Same Braves roster of 28, as in the Fish series. Tuesday and Wednesday are 6 p.m. starting times vs, Dodgers. Tampa Bay defeated Houston yesterday.
  12. New Movies

    Watched some really good free movies on Several are 2015-2020 made or released.
  13. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Dodgers vs. Braves on Monday.
  14. New Movies

    Since the theatres are showing older movies...this one is a couple of years old(new to me), and Mickey Rourke fans will enjoy it as I did: I'm watching Ashby free on Crackle for iOS
  15. NL EAST 2020

    Fred, not sure if you’ve seen this video? It’s about 1:34 min.: I'm watching 2019 World Series Champions: Washington Nationals free on Crackle for iOS
  16. 2020 Atlanta Braves News

    Can you believe one of those innings produced 4 runs in the 8th( didn’t need them as it turned out)? So the other two innings out of the 21 frames they hit in, netted only 1 run apiece.