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  1. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    50% off, only $60 right now
  2. ACC Predictions 2019-20

    With us finishing 5th in the ACC, thought this would be an interesting thread to revisit
  3. Now time for VT - Who is more desperate?

    Great time at the game tonight, hopefully I can convince my wife we need to take my daughter to every game now since she seems to be the good luck charm we needed.
  4. Ticket exchange

    Received two, thanks to everyone that reached out.
  5. Ticket exchange

    Thinking about taking my daughter to her first Tech game tonight. I'm assuming kids under 1 get in free? She's 4 months so will be sitting in one of our laps. Looking for two tickets if anyone has any available. Thanks!
  6. Georgia Postgame

    We won the second quarter
  7. Tesla's New Smart Summons

    Sure, there seems to be some issues with this summons feature. But the number of accidents caused by self driving cars is way less than the number caused by human drivers. The future is fully automated self driving cars for everyone.
  8. Tesla's New Smart Summons

    Ok boomer.
  9. GT +8.5 @ NC State

    CAN'T KEEP AN UNDEFEATED TEAM OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT! 38-0!!!! Nice grit though for real. Wright played much better the second half
  10. Atlanta United News

    Sounds like you need new friends
  11. White GT buckets at Home Depot

    So what are y'all using all these buckets for? I'm feeling the frenzy to buy one but I have no idea why. Telling my wife I need one just because they have a GT on the side seems iffy
  12. 360 Photo from Saturday
  13. DOOK

    They mentioned on the broadcast that it probably would be. Don't know if it was confirmed yet though
  14. GT Hoops General Topics

    Not wanting to bring the CPJ drama to the basketball board, but with all the hype around the football program now with it's "swag" and "cool" factor, do you think that helps with basketball recruiting? Obviously the athletes (football and basketball) talk with each other at their high schools...
  15. UNC Series

    McCann with the insurance!
  16. UNC Series

    Can we just have Curry be our entire bullpen? Have him go 4 innings every game to close it out?
  17. UNC Series

    Curry warming up in the pen so probably more confidence going to the bullpen early this game
  18. Record Attendance Spring Game

    Do they usually open up parking early enough to allow tailgating for the spring game?
  19. GT @ Auburn

    Like we've been saying all year, as long as we can get a lead to our bullpen, we'll probably win.