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  1. Lexjacket

    College Football in 2020 is an Aberration

    Does anyone, but me not see this season as a aberration? Like a 'free play' when the other team is off sides and play continues. I mean, this year is just weird, and understandably so. LSU got beat by Missouri, Penn State got beat by Indiana, the Big 10 and PAC-12 are just starting their season...
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    Black Watch Replica Leak

    Ga. Tech Ties Irish By Furman Bisher November 9, 1980 Georgia Tech climbed its highest mountain today, scaled the heights of the nation's loftiest ranked football team, clad in the green of Notre Dame. The plagued Yellow Jackets reached up from their lowest depths in 46 years to the dizzying...
  3. Lexjacket

    Clemson Post-game Thread

    It seems that reason and perspective has taken hold of this thread. I remember advice that a thread moderator gave me when I got alarmed at all the criticism, skepticism, and downright nastiness heaped on Tech players and coaches after a Tech loss. He said, 'It's the liquor talking Lex, wait a...
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    Compare records and coaches over the 119 years, especially when they just take over the program. It takes time!
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    I Like What I See.....

    I've been watching Georgia Tech football for 59 years and I like what I see right now. I loved CPJ football. I thought his teams were the most fun to watch, probably because he was an old school coach and I'm old and it was familiar. I had season tickets last year and went to all the games. I...
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    Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    Ga Tech 222 UCF 0
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    Introduce yourself

  8. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    He's a good friend, making extra money to put his daughter through college.:)
  9. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    Jesse is now doing Team Adirondack Chairs....$125
  10. Lexjacket

    The Culture is Real

    I'm planning on renewing my season tickets next year. I stayed for the end of the Georgia game, it was hard to watch, it was harder to look at all the red in the stands, but I like this team, they keep fighting. Even when it's a forlorn hope.
  11. Lexjacket

    To all the Vets

    1972 Danang Air Base going on perimeter watch, I was 21. Tech beat Iowa State in the Liberty Bowl 31 to 30. It was an honor to serve the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave......
  12. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    Another design.....
  13. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    A different GT Cooler, Jesse can work with you.........
  14. Lexjacket

    UGA (funny video)

    Uncle Lou......
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    Awesome GT Cooler

    Jesse just did this one.......
  17. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    The GT Cooler in my GT Fan-cave.............
  18. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    Here are some of Jesse's Corn Hole games. Again, they can be custom designed............
  19. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    Mine was $250. I asked Jesse about putting a drain on it but he was hesitant because he thought after extended use the drain might leak, so I decided to forego. I use the cooler in my basement man cave and have an outside door so I just tip it out into my yard. I think if I ever decide to put it...
  20. Lexjacket

    Awesome GT Cooler

    I have friend that builds awesome Team / Theme Coolers for Man Caves, Tailgates, Decks, (you name it) he custom built one for me and I have it in my Man Cave. If you would like one give him a call. His name is Jesse Beasley, Cell Phone 404-388-9204...... He also builds Corn Hole Games........