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  1. Augusta_Jacket

    Jaylend Ratliffe Article

    Great read.
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    Interesting article from AJC
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    Playing Time for Jordan Yates

    Looks like the staff wants him to get his feet wet soon.
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    VT Kickoff at 3:30 Apparently winning wasn't the answer to how to get later kick-offs...
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    The "Geoff Collins" Rule

    Yet another good article and great press for our program.
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    Coaching Change not cheap
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    Raw Data on Recruiting

    There's been a lot of debate over the years in regards to our recruiting. Some have argued that Paul Johnson hurt recruiting, others have argued that he did more with less, some have even argued that he improved recruiting. A couple of years ago I decided to look at the data, and frankly, what...
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    Student Lunch with CPJ - MYAJC Link

    Interesting article on CPJ. Apparently he's not always the curmudgeon everyone thinks he is.
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    Harvin selected Freshman All-American
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    uga made the "Bottom 10"

    Per ESPN: 5. UG(ly)A (9-1) Somewhere between Athens and Atlanta, the Dawgs' championship ride ended up in a ditch called the Coveted Fifth Spot. If they're still going to make the College Football Playoff, they'll need someone to come along and tow them out. Hey, I hear Mark Richt has a chain...
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    Tennessee Game Observations (Non-football)

    I wanted to post some "non-football" observations: 1. GT showed well at the game. It was close to 50/50 from what I could tell. 2. UT fans outnumbered us greatly at the fan fest, and the general attitude I got from them was that we were a brand name cupcake for them. 3. I don't recall...
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    Scientists found Supersize in Morocco

    Scientists found the oldest known human in Morocco. @Supersizethatorder-mutt is currently in Morocco. Coincidence? :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    GT Owns and Operates sanford Stadium

    According to Wikipedia, The Georgia Institute of Technology "owns and operates" Sanford Stadium. Get your screenshots before they figure out they've been hacked. :D
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    Great JeT Article from the AJC
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    Knoxville Sentinal Calls for Vandy to Run the Option

    I ran across this article and thought it was interesting. The writer makes the argument Vandy should be running GTs offense.
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    Updated Video Board

    Apparently the reason our phone coverage stinks at the games is our video board. It was emitting a signal in the same frequency that cell phones operate on. An updated board is replacing it. I always wondered why my AT&T phone couldn't get service while in spitting distance from the AT&T...
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    McShay's take on Gotsis

    Todd McShay rates Adam Gotsis the second most underrated player in the 2016 NFL draft. Link behind paywall:
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    uga Scheduled to get ___ kicked

    This is a great prank. Good job to the industrious Tech fan.
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    "Playoff Cockroaches"

    I'm almost offended, I think...
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    Best sign at the game today?

    Here's my nominee: