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  1. 2020 Volleyball

    Is the game not on accn?
  2. Clemson Post-game Thread

    I’ve finally reached the “ old” stage. Used to spend more time with the coaches. After his first year B. Curry hired a sports psychologist to work with the team to learn how to win and sustain winning . Different era , same type comment.
  3. Gameday!!!!!

  4. 2020 Volleyball

    Sweep today also. Now 9th in the nation.
  5. One of my pet peeves - season ticket holders selling seats to opposing fans ( like this week)

    Normally when we play someone like UGA or Clemson several of our season ticket holders sell their tickets to stubhub or to the opposing fans. For some reason my seats seems to be in the areas sold. I moved to 105 moving away from the guy in back of us who made a “business decision” based on...

    please reply as to what you think money down is. It a 3rd down focus. This year Money goes to cancer treatment for children for whatever success both offense and defense have. We have a friends teenage daughter who lost the cancer fight but has great respect for the treatment center the money...
  7. Roll Call (and tailgating?) for Saturday

    Parking W21. Seats in 105.
  8. Game you most want to win in 2020

    Duke. We should start owing them.....
  9. Help name our new “pet”

    Pepper, in memory of a good GT coach , but a little “ squirly “.
  10. OFFICIAL BDS unveil video

    I like it
  11. 2020 Baseball - Postseason

    Bill, Take care of yourself! See you when we can attend ! BH
  12. 2020 MLB Draft

    Phillies FA contract
  13. Protective Masks

    Thank you for the information . I just ordered 2 from classic sofa. BH
  14. Thanks for a great season of MBB!

    My bad. Meant to say I agree with Connell62. I like Pastner. Sorry for the mispost
  15. Thanks for a great season of MBB!

    I’ll go with grandpa.....
  16. Future schedule news

    Have no problem with the change.
  17. GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    GrEAT game to watch! Excited crowd helped. GT Bus going to Clemson next Sunday.
  18. GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    WF did the 4th quarter fouling then inserting their 3 point shooters on the offense . Nice job do hanging in by gt. Pan appears to be on the road back from the foot injury.