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  1. GT over/under 5.5 wins in 2024

    Depends on records. For us to win the acc at 8-4 we are either going to have to beat a very good team that will have a much better record as the under dogs or the acc itself has had a down year. They just left out an undefeated acc champion from a 4 team. If you don't think they'd take an extra...
  2. GT over/under 5.5 wins in 2024

    That makes sense it's entirely possible for us to win the acc at 8-4
  3. My permanent solution to Georgia Tech uniforms. I designed these concepts myself.

    Russell was trying some things, but truthfully the best uniforms russel gave us was orur classic three striped pants throwbacks in white gold and blue that we wore in i think it was 2013-2014
  4. Article on Brent Key

    Self quote to clarify something, Calvin was the year after matt but what i meant by this is we didn't bring in any recievers when we brought him in. Gailey decided Ball was the guy when he committed.
  5. Article on Brent Key

    Matt was treated like every other recruit we didn't bring him in for a big game and we didn't bring Calvin with him. Bc brought him in vs one of their largest home games and stuff. Along with complimentary visits
  6. Article on Brent Key

    The best recruit gailey could have had we just didn't land. Matt Ryan was very very close to committing to us but we ****ed up the visit. Imagine that reality when matt ryan is throwing to calvin johnson for 2 years.
  7. Faulkner Raise

    Probably the first one. We were only 8 points from bein in that one (if we yeild the loss to duke but win the ACC that year where they would have talked up the extenuating circumstances. Also I think with the investment we probably have a better defense. The bonus would have been was money...
  8. CFB25 Video Game: images revealed of GT stadium, mascots, traditions

    Would slide us into the political threads but look at female character models especially compared to their voice actors in other EA games starting at about mass effect andromeda forward. Developers are not allowed to make pretty women in western studios.
  9. Faulkner Raise

    IT is funny how people got mad at a certain AD we had for saying the same thing in 2003
  10. CFB25 Video Game: images revealed of GT stadium, mascots, traditions

    There are well documented reasons for this from game devs.
  11. Article on Brent Key

    Johnson was good at all 3 at navy and georgia southern. 1 and 2 here but truthfully he only missed on one DC that was entirely his choice that should have been a slam dunk. Roof was not his selection (still roof did good in 2013 and 2014 was peak roof style defense) CPJ DCs Wommack - We wanted...
  12. Conference Realignment

    Thats the neat part.. it doesn't.
  13. Offseason Media 2024

    bolded dabo
  14. Contracts for Defensive Assistants

    This is exactly why. THis is also just salary it doesn't include whatever signing bonus we paid him.
  15. 2024 Football Portal

    Only allowed 105 on rosters. There are some grey shirts that are getting NIL money at the factories. Cutting that down to 95 will help curtail that a little. Otherwise we are going to start seeing Star Qbs actually be preferred walkons.
  16. 2024 Football Portal

    Penaltly for success is wrong with regards to scholarships. What they are going to have to do is limit overall roster size to a hard 95. Some schools now have another 50 or so walk-ins that are on nil
  17. Conference Realignment

    DRad did not have hill backing liek Cabrera backs Batt.
  18. Option Football

    Exactly. Can there be blown coverage on a curl or ut that turns into a go on a read? Yeah. Is that going to happen often... well only if someone named collins is in charge. Warrick Dunn had a saying about the old-school single back zone run offense. "Get 4 yards". That meant you got to the...
  19. Option Football

    That's not true. It is true in every offense predicated on the run. West Coast short passing game offenses are often designed to get 5 and then save the TD plays for shot plays. They do this with ball placement. Low curls and outs on the sidelines.
  20. Option Football

    The true surprise is that a bottom dwelling cap hell NFL team has never done it.