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    2024 Football Portal

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    Cuse Postgame

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    Cuse Postgame

    Brent Key making me cry with his postgame interview
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    #GTvsMIA Postgame

    You know there are still people who turned off the game in disgust and went to bed, wait until they find out what happened when they wake up
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    #GTvsMIA Postgame

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    #GTvsMIA Postgame

  7. EddieK

    #GTvsMIA Postgame

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    Worst coaching decision... ever?

    Best in my book
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    ACC Standings

    It's a Dabo issue. You don't hire Garrett Riley to come in and basically run what Clemson had in place. You let him run his offense with superior athletes. Dabo can't get out of his own way
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    Do we not do game threads?
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    Coach Key Social Media

    Probably only means for game days. He needs social media for recruiting purposes
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    Spectrum and ESPN fail to agree

    I'll be extremely close if I miss the game tonight
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    TV schedule

    Yep, received the message right as the game was starting tonight, both sides just being greedy as usual
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    Tech vs. Louisville