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  1. jacket_fan

    Gasparilla Bowl v UCF postgame celebration bonanza extravaganza

    The oline was impressive. Took control in the second half.
  2. jacket_fan

    Shout out to Dontae Smith

    Agree with this. Always thought Smith was one of the best in the RB room, no matter which year.
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    Fan attendance

    I also attended. Seats in the Club Level. Tech fans showed up. And were loud. Dawg fans were subdued until the fourth quarter. Then the barking started. (I would hate to support a team that had me barking like a dog) From my perspective, the West stands looked to be 50/50. But as someone...
  4. jacket_fan

    Ok lets see who is honest.

    I did watch the game from beginning to end. My recollection was that the defense needed to be stripping the ball during the last drive. But the backs seemed to be getting the yards and going down. Not trying to hold 'em up and stripping. This is one of the the top come from behind victories...
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    Game 4 #GTvsWF Postgame

    His comment was absolutely spot on.
  6. jacket_fan

    Game 4 #GTvsWF Postgame

    It is a common joke between me and my fellow Tech friends that the ACC refs are the worst. I enjoyed Bates comment on the PI call in the second half.
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    GT vs #17 Ole Miss GAME THREAD

    Headed over to Oxford for the game. Will be interesting to go to a sold out game. Unfortunately, last week against SCS and all of the delays, the stadium was less than half full to my eye. If Tech can get defensive backs to wrap when tackling the defense will perform better. Whether they...
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    Haynes King Update: How Do We Feel About Him?

    This Saturday at Ole Miss is an opportunity for King to continue his great play. After last year, it will be interesting to see how much this team has improved. A road game in Oxford will be a challenge. I believe the defensive coordinator is a former Saban coach, so King needs to be ready.
  9. jacket_fan

    Missed Tackles

    I would like to know if the defensive backs are actually coached to wrap up? Or to grab anything with their hands? It would seem with the new rules about targeting and hitting with your helmet, the idea of grabbing something would be preferable to just throwing at the feet. If someone knows...
  10. jacket_fan

    Louisville Post Game

    After reading the posts in this thread, I have a question. Anyone think having Williams and Brooks in the whole game would have made a difference? For instance, Williams makes a block in the third quarter to spring a back or a block that protects the QB? Or Brooks makes a tackle that one of...
  11. jacket_fan

    2023 Fall Practice Notes

    Interesting Key uses the old school phrase "camp". And I thought he might have had a twinkle in his eye when he talked about how "camp" is going to be hard. I suspect there are a few young men that are feeling it this evening. I also enjoy his parting "Go Jackets" at the end of each interview.
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    Our Fan Base

    I have gotten both good responses and blank stares. "Go Jackets" works better than "what's the good word". When my son started Tech, the fist day of FASET included teaching the proper responses. But that was back in 2014. I was walking the beach at PCB, and got a "What's the good word"...
  13. jacket_fan

    Starting Over - Under on GT 2023 win total is out

    Agree on needing a QB to prove out. During the spring game the coaches let the three air it out and they threw pretty passes. Hopefully fall camp will identify a starter that is head an shoulders above the others. The other factor is whether the defense can play well to start the season and...
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    I hope we see more of him next year and he stays healthy.
  15. jacket_fan

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    At 44, CBK could make a nice career on the flats and build a fantastic legacy. Man, I hope this is the right hire and CBK can make this team relevant again.
  16. jacket_fan

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    Congrats CBK. Your spirit and passion this season showed in the teams response to the announcement. Now get out there and recruit!
  17. jacket_fan

    HC Candidate/Rumors/Info Thread

    I had the opportunity to speak to J Batt at the last basketball game. I admit to my age as to how young he was to me. lol. I have no idea if he is the next incarnation of Homer Rice, but he came across as a personable and engaging person. He has an incredible responsibility as to the first...
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    Your choice for Head Coach

    After rewatching the 4th quarter. I was so impressed with the oline. I have disparaged the oline, but they were amazing throughout the 4th even with all the injuries. Getting the late TD and a late 3rd down conversion was so impressive. The right side in my opinion won the game. Hats off...
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    #GTvsUNC Postgame GT 21 - UNC 17

    Where is the post game presser?
  20. jacket_fan

    UNC expected to win by 21 points

    Agree. Still impressed with this road win.