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  1. Summer camp start date??

    'Bout time the roster got pictures and numbers for the last two dozen + players reporting and updated weights for the entire roster + updated pictures for Harvey and Tatum. We are within two weeks of starting practice. The roster should be about set. Also intro of the players to the fans is less...
  2. Summer camp start date??

    Thomas was an undersized LB at 208 lbs. Thomas had the speed and physicality. IMO Efford is closer to that 220 lb goal. His short coming is maybe speed not size nor physicality.
  3. Article Phil Steele Ranks Georgia Tech's Offensive Line As One of The Nation's 10 Best

    I believe the run success was aided a lot by misdirection and effective pulling linemen and TEs. Key was quick to attack those who said our TEs were not very good. He elaborated that the TEs were doing their job well as coached and they were an integral part of our offense success. I liked the...
  4. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    300 pound SDEs are rare but both White and Scott played DE around 300 pounds the last two years. It is possible Scott will play some DE this year and yes more probable Moore will play inside..
  5. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    In my opinion Moore has more than obvious value. We are thin at SDE (only Sylvain with risk and Robbinson). Moore could move to that spot or replace Scott or maybe Gore who can play the SDE spot if needed. Good insurance for Sylvain and raises my comfort level about SDE..
  6. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    We were discussing 2025 roster which will not have Biggers.
  7. Transfer Portal: Who do we need to target this offseason?

    DT is a major need as we only have Lockett proven and counting on Van Den Berg. Marshall is unknown and depends on how much he plays as true F. Jones RSo unproven, Cullins a true F, and Adams a walkon may be some help in depth. We lose two LBs in 2025 with 3 returning, Lightsey, Butler, and...
  8. Pre-Fall Depth Chart

    Tatum could play a role with the D team in getting to the QB, getting more third down stops, and winning the turnovers ratio. We have done OK with turnover margin but if we want significant improvement on D we need a lot more QB pressure and more third down stops while maintaining a favorable...
  9. Pre-Fall Depth Chart

    H Moore is OL, plays all 5 OL positions Under weight and athletic..
  10. Pre-Fall Depth Chart

    Very good list. Brown has been playing OT but his size and fit in the group looks good at OG. I do not know where his skills best fit. One of the transfer safeties may push Seymore. I believe 4 TEs will play a lot and 5 LBs (add Butler). Not sure about that 4th CB.
  11. Pre-Fall Depth Chart

    You must mean Jones or Marshall as I see no Moore on the roster at DL. Good overall list.
  12. Bobby Dodd Renovation in the NE Stands

    I started in 2015 in the upper north behind the goal post and nearly every year since moved closer and closer to a much lower seat and better angle on the west edge of section 218, now gone. My season seats have been relocated back up high and much farther from the field. Not happy but...
  13. 2024 Football Portal

    The portal was a little exciting in the beginning, like getting free stuff. But I am now beginning to see how too much free stuff can hurt your depth and experience. We 'fixed" the DL for 2024 with the portal but in 2025 we lose those portal players and Biggers and Scott, leaving only Lockett as...
  14. 2024 Football Portal

  15. 2024 Football Portal

    When do the late portal players and freshmen report to the campus? It must be soon. I count about 19 +/- a couple.
  16. 2024 Football Portal

    My opinion based on limited info: On defense we are light in the numbers at Nickel and SDE and very light in experienced depth at CB. By moving Cruz and adding Height we have much improved WDE. SDE will at least need fresmen Boyd and/or LLOH to step up. Flexable DE players Scott and Gore will...
  17. Your First GT QB

    Wade Mitchell and Toppy Van were my first, but Lothridge is my favorite. Lothridge was gold on third down.
  18. 2024 Football Portal

    I noticed today the roster was updated to remove portal players Kelly, Semo, C Brown, Gee, and Blackstrain, but Fortson was still on the roster. Ellis was also removed from the roster. Any change of status with Fortson?
  19. Only 115 short days until kickoff...

    Tech had several advantages to picking up the ball and returning it. The location of the ball made it safe to pick up. Several Tech players were aware that Austin picked up the ball and this awareness preceded most if not all the FSU players. At least 3 Tech players with speed (one safety and...
  20. 2024 Football Portal

    Thoughts: You can certainly play with a roster of 85 as you typically only play about 50 players with meaningful playing time. Without other considerations I like this proposal The 85 limit appears to help make the lwr/mdl tier schools more competitive but.... With less players to fund the...