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  1. eokerholm

    If you're in town 9/10-9/14 Lots of GT signees playing at Lakepoint

    Wilson Premier Classic is in town at Lakepoint this weekend. Christian said there are 8 GT players on the roster including 21s and 22s. Not sure if it is free for Lakepoint TV, but an option to watch some of the Nation's Best compete. So if you're in town and around. Come on out. Going to be...
  2. eokerholm

    Class of 2024 - Baseball commits

    Ramsey hinted earlier, didn’t know what class grabbed a 2024 today.
  3. eokerholm

    It's about to hit the fan if it happens.

    Lots of rumors of college football getting canceled by Big10 and Pac12 tomorrow. God I hope not or at least the others don't follow suit. The guys have been back on campus and practicing, social distancing, and testing for over a month without issue or spread. We've been playing summer baseball...
  4. eokerholm

    Mike Fox retires from UNC. Forbes taking over

    Forbes was a super nice guy.
  5. eokerholm

    Congrats to Jason Varitek. College HOF

    Congrats to Jason Varitek being named a member of the 2020 @CollegeDiamonds Hall of Fame induction class! Message from Coach Hall (construction noise in the background :) )
  6. eokerholm

    17U WWBA Bracket Play. Team USA next week in Cary, NC

    In case anyone is local and wants to watch some of the signees play (and or Canes. They're awesome) I would say Canes National is #1 and East Cobb Astros Navy is #2 Nationally in our age bracket. We play today at 2:45 East Cobb Field...
  7. eokerholm

    Facing revenue shortfall, Georgia Tech implementing furloughs

    Sign of the times. Lots of companies doing the same. People need to still purchase their annual season tickets and attend/support events when they open back up. I do think...
  8. eokerholm

    Where to get GT gear in town?

    Besides B&N which is closed until 7/6 where to grab so gear locally? Dicks or academy Could score a hideous ensemble online Suggestions?
  9. eokerholm

    Class of 2024 - Baseball Commits

    got one for 24!! Didn't see that one come through twitter. Beesball was asking about it, awaiting confirmation.
  10. eokerholm

    If you guys and gals are bored...check out this forum Lots of activity and interaction. Lots of people from various levels of colleges, scouts, recruiting, parents of pros/college players and discussions about draft, college baseball model, recruiting, schools/camps, and others. Some of us have seen each other...
  11. eokerholm

    2021 season

    the projections have started.... Can't really be remotely accurate until AFTER the draft....but we're #19 article:
  12. eokerholm

    Happy 404 Day!

  13. eokerholm

    James Ramsey interview on Ahead of the Curve

    The very last episode/podcast for AOTC. Great series. Lots of great previous guests. Grab some coffee and spend some time with Ramsey.
  14. eokerholm

    Degree matters.... Great posts

    Most of this is for/from FB on twitter, but it definitely matters (especially to the parents of the recruits and the recruits too) Definitely a lot going for GT and it helps!
  15. eokerholm

    Class of 2023

    Ringing in the new year and bringing in the new talent. Recruited this big stud out of PA. National ranking has to be off if he's the #15 1B and #2 in PA.
  16. eokerholm

    2020 D1 Baseball GT #14 (up from 2019 end of season #42)

    Nice ranking 2020 ranking up from end of season 2019 of #42 I don't have a membership to D1Baseball so I can't read the content. And discuss...
  17. eokerholm

    Collegiate Baseball Div 1 Poll (12-16-19) GT#28???

    I don't buy it. Would like to know more about the "points" Not sure if you guys follow these or not.... Texas was horrible last season at 27-27 and is ranked higher? Seriously? Wake ranked higher too? Come on now... Rank Team...
  18. eokerholm

    Nice new article from NCAA on GT 2020 Team

    Nice write up and details on various players in various years and positions: