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  1. Joe Hamilton made #7 on ESPN's list of top Hamiltons in all sports

    In one of their usual tongue-in-cheek tidbits on July 3 (when the Hamilton movie began streaming on Disney+), ESPN put together a list of the top Hamilton's of all-time in sports. Kind of funny in the typical top-ten fashion they do. Joe came in at #7, with them showing a nice couple of TD...
  2. GT picked last in Coastal by S & S
  3. Yellow Jacket Roller Derby Club Team - Debut Bout against GSU April 14

    A shameless plug for my daughter's team she founded last year at GT (her skate pseudo-name is "Structurally Unsound"). They now have enough players (and skills) to take on the Ga State team. If you happen to be on campus April 14, you should check them out.
  4. Brad Stewart earns acc postgraduate scholoarship
  5. GT Hockey beats UGA. Wins the Thrasher Cup at Savannah Hockey Classic

    Fun event every year here in SAV. As usual, our team tends to have crisp passers and pretty good skaters while UGA has brutes.