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  1. BranMart

    Hey is it time to talk Uni's

    They got rid of that rule a few years back when USC and UCLA complained. Just has to be contrasting colors now. You do have to ask permission first so the conference can decide if the colors contrast enough.
  2. BranMart

    Tennessee Game 1

  3. BranMart

    Kelly Quinlan on 92.9 The Game...

    That's a nice long post from someone driving!
  4. BranMart

    Russell Contract

    Read that as well. Possibly means the uniform companies will be throwing us a contract large enough to need to plan for. Surely WKU would not dent their bank accounts.
  5. BranMart

    Our New Gear

    We could get these and change the circles to honeycomb.
  6. BranMart

    Our New Gear

    No, they have to use the contracted provider.
  7. BranMart

    The Chicago Cubs are looking to host a Bowl Game in Wrigley Field

    Didn't they do a game there a couple years ago and were only able to use one end-zone?
  8. BranMart

    Ode to The 2015 Offseason

    Needs more Uniform discussion...
  9. BranMart

    Justin Thomas has GT believing

    Why wouldn't you want guys to believe they can win them all, or is it just making it public knowledge you disagree with? Much prefer Smoov over JeT.
  10. BranMart

    Justin Thomas has GT believing

    I don't see how he threw him under the bus. He was just talking difference in Team Leadership, which is important. He is saying buying in makes all the difference in the world and selfishness doesn't work here.
  11. BranMart

    JT Wears Gold...

    We will never know, but I bet the guy was just glad to get him down, stood up in exasperation, yes with some attitude, and went back on his merry way to start all over, never thinking twice about it, probably did not even realize what he had done.
  12. BranMart

    JT Wears Gold...

    I don't see an extra twist. I see a guy grabbing what he can to get a guy down. He was just standing up at the end and letting go at the same time. What is supposed to do, lie there until JT got up and told him it was safe for him to move?
  13. BranMart

    Thursday... Score predictions!!

    GT 42 Clemson 14
  14. BranMart

    It's Thursday....time for some predictions.

    More like envisioning 3 death march TD drives per half, that only allows NCstate about 12 mins of possession.
  15. BranMart

    UVA Prediction Thread

    31-21 GT
  16. BranMart

    Serious Question re: Our "Fullback"

    I saw Jim Grobe say that on that Fox show about the ACC, whatever it is called. "I know they call it B-Back but I am gonna call it fullback, shucks golly."
  17. BranMart

    Redshirt report coming

    Did I miss the redshirt report in all that offense crap?
  18. BranMart

    College Football Live or whatever it is called....

    I think they really cut away because Joey was clearly pissed telling Danny K. how stupid his Baylor love is.
  19. BranMart

    College Football Live or whatever it is called....

    Discussing the playoff projections. They had microphone issues and cut the show short, but before they cut away, Joey Galloway's projections popped up, and GT was his number 1.