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  1. The Doddfather

    Gameday Experience And More

    As far as the changes this year: The team ran out slightly after the wreck and cheerleaders instead of directly behind as in years past. Nothing to complain about. Money down instead of thirrrrd down. It’s still the 3rd down of the series no matter what the PA guy says. Stand up and yell...
  2. The Doddfather

    Chris Landry on 680

    I know, don’t listen to it cause they’re horrible and all that, but I’ll leave it here. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this kind of outlook from talking heads and I’m a little confused. Landry was on yesterday and talked about us for a while. Some good some bad, but seemed optimistic in the...
  3. The Doddfather

    Bivouac - Big 3

  4. The Doddfather

    Did the CFP get it right?

    After the semifinals, I don’t feel like we had the most competitive matchups we could’ve had. That being said, I agreed with the matchups coming in. I don’t think that ND will get in again with an undefeated record, until the join a conference. That’s good for college football. OK got punched...
  5. The Doddfather

    Thank you, Paul

    You were always the smartest guy in the room. You were the master at your craft and I appreciate your genius. The spread (triple) option offense was always the great equalizer and I will always be in awe of how you could analyze plays from a field level and send plays in without a play sheet...
  6. The Doddfather

    Weeknight games

    I’d like to petition the ACC that we exclusively play games at 7:30 on weeknights. Thank you. Anyone with any pull, plz forward to Mr swofford.
  7. The Doddfather

    Future opponent

    The attachment is from one of my good friends who is also a usce insider. Looks like we could possibly get a matchup with the cocks next year at suntrust.
  8. The Doddfather

    Official 2018 2-Deep Roster Prediction

    Interested to see how y’all see the lineup playing out this year. I’m encouraged by the depth we’ve been building over the past couple years, but there’s a lot of interchangeable parts and some question marks too. Especially interested to see what everyone thinks about freshmen breaking the...
  9. The Doddfather

    Today's Attendance

    I'm not sure if this has been hashed out elsewhere or not, but it deserves its own thread. Why in the hell was 90% or so of the east stands dressed in red today? I totally get that this game is usually about 60-40 Tech, and I sadly, fully expect the upper north and lower southeast to be full of...
  10. The Doddfather

    The Future

    Watching these NCAA Tourney games, these teams are going 9-10 guys deep. We were very thin this year, especially after Matthews took his hiatus and Gueye got hurt. It's amazing to me that we have come this far playing basically 7 guys per game (save Ogbanda playing big minutes in the wake game)...
  11. The Doddfather

    Duke QB out for season

    Thomas Sirk. Just saw it on the bottom line during the Cal-Hawaii game. Was he hurt during fall practices? It said it was an achilles injury.