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  1. cyptomcat

    50 Years Ago Coach Dodd Retired - 22 years and 165 wins

    I bet he never imagined we would sold out the stadium named after him for soccer...
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    The fear of attacks on immigrants/minorities, rational or irrational?
  3. cyptomcat

    Bud's Message to International Students

    Looks good to me. They were brought to Georgia as kids, not their fault. They have Georgia on their mind. If they qualify for Tech, give them the chance to attend Tech and make Georgia better.
  4. cyptomcat

    2015 Warmest Year on Record

    We have had satellite readings since 1979. Red and Green lines below show the global mean temperature constructed from the satellite data according to two different groups. They both show a positive trend over 1979 - 2016.
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    Electric Vehicles

    Parallel/perpendicular parking is one of the fun parts of driving though... :)
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    Has our Injury Report been released yet?

    It's mostly thanks to the ACC's scheduling help that injuries will become a major part of the story this week. Vandy, Clemson, then Miami. Last two being probably the two best teams we will play all year, and they both get weak schedules before playing us. It is what it is.
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    Donations for Flunkout

    This link might work better on some mobile: Gofundme link
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    Donations for Flunkout

    Hey everyone! Many of you are probably familiar with GTFlunkout, a prolific poster on the Hive and ST. Everyone describes him as a nice guy, nicest you will meet, and he has always been very hospitable to everyone at his tailgates on the RV lot. Unfortunately, he has recently had a spinal cord...
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    Baylor Fires Briles

    Sounds like Auburn will upgrade at HC!
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    There is football on TV today

    So, we can expect a very low scoring game in Dublin...
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    There is football on TV today

    A lot more today: Interesting ones: BC at noon streaming at Southern at noon Miami at 2pm on ESPN3 UNC at 3pm streaming at Georgia at 4pm on ESPNU...
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    Georgia Tech has hired Josh Pastner

    Memphis will pay him a total of $1.255 million over the next two years. That was the official announcement. So you are correct, the guaranteed money in both contracts seem to add up to the same amount ($10.6 million). On a per year basis, Pastner is taking a pay cut.
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    Pastner Contract "The deal is worth a total of $11.2 million. Starting at $1.6 million, the annual salary escalates by $100,000 in the second through fifth years and bumps $200,000...
  14. cyptomcat

    What is your definition of success for the next 3 years?

    Also, I said "preferably .500", the absolute minimum is Hewitt who was .409 in ACC. 10 out of 13 of the returning ACC coaches have been at least .409 in their career.
  15. cyptomcat

    What is your definition of success for the next 3 years?

    It has been awhile, but the guy we just fired came real close this season. Here is a different way to think about this. How many teams were at least .500 in the ACC last 5 years: 2015-2016: 10 out of 15 2014-2015: 8 out of 15 2013-2014: 9 out of 15 2012-2013: 6 out of 12 2011-2012: 7 out of 12...
  16. cyptomcat

    What is your definition of success for the next 3 years?

    I don't think we are paying him about $2 million to match his performance from last two years.
  17. cyptomcat

    What is your definition of success for the next 3 years?

    Simple for me: Have a better ACC record than Gregory (.307) and Hewitt (.409), preferably over .500. Do that and everything else is probably going all right.
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    There is football on TV today

    a few spring games:
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    Pastner Contract

    The corrupt politicians in Georgia passed a new law for FOIA requests, so I believe GTAA can take three months to reply if it wanted...