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    Give ‘em Hell; Tech!
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    Ignore: Double post

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    Hulu live dropping Fox regional sports channels

    So what is it now. Just att or fubo for us?
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    Ignore: Double post

    Haha this is going to be the most viewed thread in the history of the swarm. Just can’t not click that title.
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    Game 6 #GTvsBC Predictions

    I’ve got confidence. Though haven’t seen any game week media. What gives?
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    BC game opens with us a 4 point dog

    Heck yes. I have been waiting for the media availability so hope this means it is coming out soon. Also great news about Mason, he brings a level of confidence that we need. Gibbs and 2KTae as well as Griffin are deep and beastly but we need the consistency and toughness he brings.
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    Pre-Game Drink Options

    Unaged, thus clear, whiskey is the interpretation I have always believed. It makes the most sense to me given the time period and history of moonshining. Plus I always thought of the gambling part being a head nod to drinking your own stash.
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    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

    So I will say as a general rule I dislike auto tune and mumble rap as well. That said the hook and instrumental track are pretty lit. I generally like lyricists more in the vein of Eminem, NF, Logic, Dre, jay-Z, ChanceTheRapper, etc) and one of my all time favorite jams happens to be DoA by...
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    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Yeah I bought a bunch of non GT adidas stuff off Amazon a little while back and it matches exactly. Really happy with it. Got the gold hoody Climalite that players all have, and some shorts that match last year’s super thin quarter zip.
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    Clemson Post-game Thread

    This place is a real downer man.
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    @ClydeBrick well done again. I’ll be cheering on the boys in white and gold from the friendly confines of my couch. Starting the morning off with waffles, coffee and bacon and eggs. Then hopefully toasting an upset none of us would soon forget. Go jackets and give ‘em hell; Tech.
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    Game 5 ATL Chart

    I hope it means he is going to get snaps
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    Game 5 ATL Chart

    Haha, I asked a prof one time, "I am clearly struggling in your course, do you have any recommendations for what I can do to be more prepared for your exams" they responded with STTE of "Do better". Hah that was a good lesson in life, but tough to stomach at the time.
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    Pre-Game Drink Options

    Found out about the Botanist a few years back when we did a whisky trip to Scotland. Have been a frequent buyer of it since. The Alaska sounds good enough that I am walking towards my bar and am preparing to make one myself.
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    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

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    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

    Love this look. This does say GT to me. Also agree that the post is on point, love the song they picked too. All around positive for me. Though would've been cool to use this as a halloween nod to Clem and his boys. Grant[field]ed it would have hit different.
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    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    How does anyone keep a straight face when discussing this trash. From the NCAA with regards to less than $10K over three years of what appears to be mistaken disbursements for housing payments. Kansas, UNCheat, Louisville, LSU, Arizona, Kansas, Duke and the rest keep on keeping on.
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    Dave Patenaude's Offense

    Man, WebVan was just ahead of their time. They would be crushing it right now.
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    Pre-Game Drink Options

    Plot twist; pick up WaHo to go from the TechSquare locale and mix up bloody’s at the parking spot while you eat. Just make sure to get gold tomatoe juice (can’t rile up the GoldSquad too early in the morning with red or heaven forbid navy colors) 😇