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  1. Conference Realignment

    So from 2006 to 2023 they won three championships and you call that “two cool periods?” Sounds more like they had one hot period.
  2. House vs. NCAA

    I already have two teams to pull for. Tech and whoever is playing georgia. I guess there’s always that…I would probably continue to watch as long as they exist so I can keep watching them lose.
  3. House vs. NCAA

    Media value is driven by viewership. If a fan’s team ceases to exist in college football do you think that same fan will watch the remaining teams? And if you’re left with 16 teams that always won then at least half of those will have losing records from the point on. Will they still watch...
  4. House vs. NCAA

    The impact on non revenue sports is going to be significant for a few reasons. Most have already pointed to the AA deficits which will put pressure on the departments to cut these programs that eat money. But I also believe one thing that will happen almost immediately is Title IX’s application...
  5. Conference Realignment

    Perhaps you should go look at their 2002 roster and reassess what they were and what they are.
  6. At WF, 3/5/2024 1st of Last Two Regular Season Games

    This is cool, but what the hell are 1A and 1B?
  7. Article CFP unanimously approves 5+7 model for new 12-team playoff

    It should auto correct. The SEC teams outside of the top that consistently lose their bowl games now will lose the playoff games and everything will normalize.
  8. MBB - 🤞 Clemson 2/21 GAME THREAD.

    Really? You want our head coach publicly saying our players just flat aren’t good enough?
  9. What’s the loudest you’ve heard the thrillerdome?

    Pretty sure that was Bynum

    Maybe. We were a better football team than we are a basketball team right now

    sort of seems like we may have a problem with getting up for games against non-ranked opponents…

    Man what a shot by Nate.
  13. 1/16 - MBB vs. Clemson

    What’s wild is I actually fell asleep before the game started. I woke up at 10:54 and checked the score. Saw we were down 9 with under 2 in regulation, so I went back to sleep. Then I wake up to a 2OT victory. You’re welcome!
  14. 1/13 - MBB vs. Duke

    B I hear you, he was playing well. But he essentially put the entire game on the line with a shot that wouldn’t even give us the lead. We really needed to score right there and it didn’t need to be a three. He had a ton of space to get inside but chose the three and missed, essentially ending...
  15. 1/13 - MBB vs. Duke

    Ndongo is a 21 year old true freshman. He’s still a freshman, but look…there’s a reason that guy looks so polished…he’s physically more like a Jr/Sr. If he sticks around he could be incredible. But I could easily see that guy leaving. George is super impressive for his age.
  16. 1/13 - MBB vs. Duke

    We played pretty well. Didn’t like George chucking that three at the end, but it would have been great if he made it of course. Felt like some serious home cooking from the refs. Strange calls at times that just subtly put Duke in a good position or killed momentum - felt intentional because...
  17. Potential DC for Next Year

    Or…could be that we already had Santucci tagged before Elko left (or maybe he had multiple offers)
  18. Haynes Kings needs to develop _____ during the offseason take the next step as a QB?

    …and to be fair, the dude had one of the best seasons any Tech QB has ever had, so it’s so much a criticism as just a way to get even better.
  19. Haynes Kings needs to develop _____ during the offseason take the next step as a QB?

    Cut down interceptions is the obvious answer, but I’ll go further to say that he tends to throw them in chunks right now. He can’t let one bad throw snowball into three interceptions and cost us the game. This happened a few times.