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  1. majorQ9

    Dennis Scott Jersey Retirement

    Dennis Scott will be getting his number retired (presumably at some point next season)
  2. majorQ9

    Bobby Dodd Renovation in the NE Stands

    The lady that filled in for the Duke basketball game last year was excellent. Wish they'd bring her back. (It helped that Tech won)
  3. majorQ9

    COFH moving to Black Friday

    Egg Bowl moving makes sense if the SEC is looking to put Texas-Texas A&M back on Thanksgiving
  4. majorQ9

    COFH moving to Black Friday

    Primetime ABC on Black Friday Curious if this will be a permanent move for the next couple years
  5. majorQ9

    Bobby Dodd Renovation in the NE Stands

    North Stands sections next to the Edge Building
  6. majorQ9

    Bobby Dodd Renovation in the NE Stands

    Capacity is officially decreasing to 51,913. 218, 219, and part of 217 will be removed
  7. majorQ9

    ACC Tournament - MBB Edition

    Respectfully disagree. You should be awarded for a good regular season.
  8. majorQ9

    Coach Paul Johnson Tears Into Geoff Collins

    It's good to see the Hill is lot more receptive to transfers now. I thought it was crazy CPJ had to go to Bud Peterson to get Patrick Skov enrolled and was then told, no more. He was a graduate student from Stanford.
  9. majorQ9

    I really just don’t understand…

    When teams play on the road it makes sense. When you go down by 30 at home, that raises a few more eyebrows.
  10. majorQ9

    Fox, Warner and ESPN Team Up to Create Sports-Streaming Platform

    I don't hate the idea, but it needs to be cheaper than YouTubeTV or it's DOA
  11. majorQ9

    MBB @ NC St 2/3 5:30PM EST

    The question is, is NC State good? If the answer is yes, I like our chances.
  12. majorQ9

    Attendance and Atmosphere

    It doesn't or Clemson would be bankrupt after Football season
  13. majorQ9

    Attendance and Atmosphere

    Probably standard protocol when they lose on the road. Safety is going to come before sportsmanship if there's a threat of a storm. Nothing to get upset about imo.
  14. majorQ9

    Attendance and Atmosphere

    Biggest issue with crowd noise Saturday was UVA simply made a 3 every time we threatened to go on a run. Took the air out of the building every single time. A much smaller issue is, Terry, the MC, is subpar. The lady that filled in for the Duke game did a 100 times better and I wish we could...
  15. majorQ9

    12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    I was able to get tickets for $13 before fees in the upper deck. Crazy how low demand is but I guess that's what happens when you have an odd conference game on December 2
  16. majorQ9

    12/2 - MBB vs. Duke — HOW BOUT THEM JACKETS!

    Not worried. Students always show up for the Duke game. It's the Wake Forest type of game on a Wednesday night during Greek Chapter where student attendance suffers the most
  17. majorQ9

    Bowl Game Question

    Any bowl projections out yet? Gator Bowl seems ideal as far as getting the fanbase to travel
  18. majorQ9

    Game 11 #CUSEvsGT Uniforms

    No gold helmets and no navy jerseys. They must be associated with G**** C******
  19. majorQ9

    Pack the Dodd vs Syracuse- first bowl opportunity since 2018

    Gator Bowl would be great, but I'm seeing more projections putting us in the Pinstripe Bowl
  20. majorQ9

    GT Hoops General Topics

    Going through my history. I must have had some kind of discount on my first ticket that got taken off, can live with that. Still trying to understand how the Tech fund jumped from $100 a seat to $225 a seat. Sec 105 Year First Ticket Second Ticket Tech Fund Total 2022-2023 $158.43 $335...