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  1. Week 3 #GTvsCUSE Predictions

    I'll take that score. Kicking-wise, Gavin's the man (from 40 yds in, anyway). In lieu of field goals, though, we will run a couple of fakes with PHIII passing to a streaking Gavin Stewart who took off straight up the middle.
  2. Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    Tied 23-23 at end of regulation. Goes to eight overtimes. Final 57-55. We get our 3rd straight 2-pt conversion and they miss.
  3. Gameday!

    So awesome. Congrats guys. Sleep well tonight.
  4. Starting QB speculation

    The way Pent talked about Graham, learning where to be/throw/do this year over last year, I'd have to say he is starting. Dang I'm ready no matter who we put out there. Just beat those damn Seminoles!
  5. Week 1 Media #GTvsFSU

    OK, I'm drinking some of my barrel-aged Belgian Tripel at the moment (or three), but I'm ready for the upset. We take 'em 21-17.
  6. Game you most want to win in 2020

    Next game up.
  7. Team is getting SWOLE

    I recall we had a 6'-3" 240 lb Safety about 30 years ago who was pretty decent. Too bad he got hurt Senior year because Ken definitely would have been something to watch in the NFL.
  8. GT Hoops General Topics

    Kenny had to do all the scoring on that last team. No time to pass the ball!
  9. Updated Roster

    I guess if they aren't on the list, they didn't gain? i.e. didn't see, Tyson Meiguez, Vaipulu, or Rankins in there. I know from some earlier video shared on the board that Meguez was currently looking more like a DB than an LB. Hopefully we won't slow down to much, but the extra beef will...
  10. Joe Hamilton made #7 on ESPN's list of top Hamiltons in all sports

    Doh, brain fart. Leonard Hamilton, FSU bball coach is what I was thinking. Lewis was #2.
  11. Joe Hamilton made #7 on ESPN's list of top Hamiltons in all sports

    Can you believe it??!!?? I checked as well but didn't find either. It was on during the noon hour. They do random Top Ten lists basically every day. Yes, Lewis I think was #5 or #6, so two ACC folks in there. A Formula One race car driver was #2. I'm sure Josh Hamilton was in there as...
  12. Joe Hamilton made #7 on ESPN's list of top Hamiltons in all sports

    In one of their usual tongue-in-cheek tidbits on July 3 (when the Hamilton movie began streaming on Disney+), ESPN put together a list of the top Hamilton's of all-time in sports. Kind of funny in the typical top-ten fashion they do. Joe came in at #7, with them showing a nice couple of TD...
  13. Projected Starting Lineup

    I just remember an interview on the news, may have been Harmon Wages, and they were discussing how much weight he would lose during summer workouts/preseason while he tried all spring to bulk up knowing it would slide back off. I do remember some fun Buckhead days, especially during school...
  14. Projected Starting Lineup

    I remember Buddy couldn't keep the weight on. He would start summer workouts with the Falcons at 230 or so but within 2-3 weeks was at 210. Didn't seem to matter as he could hit and bring down RB's/TE's easily.
  15. Got chills watching this

    With the Twitter post by GT Football, could it just be that GT asked him be narrate and he followed a script. Actually seems like it might be something that Collins probably asked him to do it. If I was asked, I would be honored to do it. He's still a voice for GT even if he did leave (twice...
  16. Report: Pepper Rodgers has passed

    I grew up in Athens and the Pepper years were during my middle and early high school times and so wasn't a big Tech fan at the time. I remember I guess in '78 or '79 we went to Atlanta to visit my grandmother and watching the Tech-GA game. I asked her if she was a Tech fan, since she lived in...
  17. Asanti Price to Transfer

    He didn't thank the GT coaches.
  18. Game Thread - @ Clemson, 3/6/2020

    Awesome win. So many of these slipped away from us earlier in the season. Dang, we could've had easily 20 wins this year. Still, we now have hope for next year vs. mass exodus if we lost the full appeal. Wish the girls could've won as well - would have been a great night.
  19. Alcohol Sales Pilot Program

    It'd be a hoot to hear: "Cold Beer !!" from a beer jockey and then passing down the $5 one direction and the beer coming in the other
  20. Here's The Week One XFL Schedule

    Let's root for our current Plant HS alum quarterback.