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  1. Let the rejoicing begin!

    You don't see any conservatives on ESPN do you? They've all been fired.
  2. Tennessee fans already starting to talk about the 2017 GT-Tennessee game

    Tennessee quarterback Sheriron Jones has been given his release so he can transfer to another school.
  3. Let the rejoicing begin!

    It wont be for long unless you're extremely Leftist and tow the PC line.
  4. Next Dalvin Cook in the ACC?

    I remember sitting with my dad as a young kid watching the Dolphins and Steelers on tv in the 1970s:cool:
  5. Next Dalvin Cook in the ACC?

    Laskey looked like Larry Csonka running up the middle in that game.
  6. Tennessee fans already starting to talk about the 2017 GT-Tennessee game

    Too bad there can't be a neutral group of referees like an American Athletic Conference crew.;)
  7. Next Dalvin Cook in the ACC?

    He ran like a freight train against Miami and Georgia in 2008
  8. Next Dalvin Cook in the ACC?

    Another great rushing performance was the 2008 Georgia Tech-Miami game. GT annilated the Cocanes that day.
  9. 2017 Offseason Thread

    Miami will be a good team but they wont be as good at Georgia Tech.;)(y) I think Virginia Tech and Miami will be in a dogfight for #2 in the ACC Coastal division.
  10. Jordan Woods has left the team

    That's a good place for him to go and i think USF wins the American Athletic Conference in 2017
  11. Tennessee fans already starting to talk about the 2017 GT-Tennessee game

    It'll be a good while before he can play because 285 is too light.
  12. Tennessee fans already starting to talk about the 2017 GT-Tennessee game

    There all excited up here in Tennessee because the #1 Defensive Tackle in Tennessee Brant Lawless(6-3 285) committed to play at Tennessee.:rolleyes:
  13. Top 20 NFL draft picks

    Jerod Evans would be a good backup quarterback to Matt Ryan and possible quarterback of the future for the Falcons;):cool:(y)
  14. 2017 Offseason Thread

    Here's another great GT game i'm enjoying it's the 2008 GT-Miss State game. I remember the posters on the Miss State "Six Pack" message board complaining that GT was pounding them with the same plays over and over:LOL::ROFLMAO:
  15. 2017 Offseason Thread

    I'm watching daily college football fix and today it's the 2008 Georgia Tech-UGAG game:cool: I'll always remember the UGAG broadcast of this game and how Scott Howard and Eric Zeier acted like total punks at the end of the game:mad:
  16. Tonight Is Round 2 Of The NFL Draft

    Goodell is a classless scumbag but the Philly fans were worse booing that brave girl who lost her leg!
  17. The Hamilton Tiger Cats Of The CFL Own The Rights To Colin Kaepernick And Robert Griffin lll

    The Hamilton Tiger Cats owns the rights to Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin lll and we'll probably see them in the CFL very soon.
  18. Congrats to Harrison Butker

    It didn't seem to hurt kicker Tom Dempsey in the past who was missing a hand and half a foot.
  19. Congrats to Harrison Butker

  20. Congrats to Harrison Butker

    Mr Bulovas will be looking for another kicking job somewhere else;):cool: